Oo-er! These Singapore women reveal their deepest sexual fantasies

These sexual fantasies will leave you tingling from head to foot! Relationships in Singapore are going to be hotting up tonight!
relationships in singapore
Admit it – we all have one (or more) sexual fantasy that we’ve kept hidden inside us. In fact, studies have shown that women fantasise about sex a lot more than men do.
So, we’ve found out from some of our lady readers just what makes them tick! Men, if you want to up your sex game, take some serious notes!

  1. Domination

There is something strangely erotic about being helpless while your man has his way with you, in a respectful and considerate manner of course.
To elaborate, while he kisses your neck, get him to give your hair a little tug. The trick here is to feel the kind of pain that elevates the sex. Communication is essential here, as your man wouldn’t know what’s over the line or not.
“It’s nice to be able to feel helpless once in awhile, but the guy needs control or it’ll just spoil everything”

  • Vanessa, 35

“Having taken control of my man’s everyday life, it’ll definitely feel great to be he’s little slave when it comes to bed listening and appealing to his every order.”

  • Weili, 28

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  1. Making a sex tape

relationships in singapore
There’s nothing tantamount to the excitement of starring in your very own porn movie. Discuss what both of you will be doing and talk about the angles of the shot. You’d be surprised at how eager it’ll make both of you feel and it also improves communication between both parties.
The exciting thing about this is that both of you will be exploring something unknown together and the thrill is going to make for some explosive sex.
“It’s fun and sexy to film yourselves at it, and especially so when your partner spontaneously takes his phone out and goes “you need to see yourself like this”. That’s a sure sign you’re real good at what you do.”

  • Marianne, 34

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  1. DIY

For a man, watching his woman pleasure herself is one of the hottest things he could experience. Likewise for women, they find their men masturbating in front of them equally stimulating. The downside of this fantasy is that it could be a little awkward and a really shy experience for either one of you.
Engage in passionate foreplay before attempting this fantasy can help to remove the shyness. While you’re at it, you can get him to watch or ask him to start pleasuring himself and wait for it, if you know what I mean.
“It brings things to a whole new level when I watch my partner pleasure himself. Because you know that is yours and you’re going to get it. And who knows you might even learn ways to pleasure him better.”

  • Nadine, 41

*Names changed to protect identity.
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