Best pregnancy products and services 2016

Are you expecting? Here’s our pick of the best products and services for pregnancy – everything you need to make your pregnancy and post-birth a smooth sailing one
Through AXA’s Family Advantage, parents are able to provide their children with a head start in life. Expensive medical treatments and hospital care are made affordable through the Mumcare Plus plan that guarantees protection for your child against 18 different types of congenital illnesses in early childhood. INSPIRE plans are also available; they help your child and you to save money, while offering some measure of insurance protection.
Not only is it conveniently portable with its own rechargeable battery, the Spectra S1 double pump gets the job done with all efficiency by allowing the user to adjust cycle speeds and suction strength. For mothers with restless babies, the quiet Spectra S1 with its night-light and timer function ensures that you’d never wake him or her up. $379.
Pregnant mothers and new mothers often experience a great deal of emotional and physical stress as a result of the physical and hormonal changes that their body undergoes. What better way is there of relieving stress than a soothing massage designed to ease away those cares? Huang Ah Ma offers prenatal and postnatal massage therapies customised to the needs of mothers, and also runs home visit programmes for new mums who may wish to undergo massage therapy during their confinement period. $180 for a 60-minute session. First trial starts from $48.
For a range of trendy maternity apparel that can be worn on casual outings or at work, Mothercot has you covered. Have their dresses delivered to your home and save yourself the trouble of walking to the nearest shopping centre. The website also sells a wide range of fashionable nursing and maternity wear, including tops, bottoms, dresses, and even jumpsuits, for the trendy mum. $30-$40.
Madrey, a local consultancy company, provides useful assistance to mothers who are keen on trying out breastfeeding. Its reasonably-priced consultancy services, available at company premises and at clients’ homes, help to answer the queries of anxious parents, while the extensive reviews on breastfeeding products help them to www.pemconfinement.commake more informed decisions. $1 per minute for consultations. $2 per minute for home consultations.
With the loving care of experienced PEM nannies, new mothers can breeze through their confinement period with minimum hassle and disruption to their usual routine. While mothers restore their strength and adapt to post-partum life, PEM offers a range of services to take care of their babies’ every need, including household chores and even grocery shopping. Here’s to more quality time with your children!
Quality time is an irreplaceable factor in strengthening the bond between you and your child. When caregivers are consistent in responding to the infant’s needs, the baby is better equipped to develop healthy and trusting relationships with others throughout his life. Peranakan Confinement nannies provide all the expertise, guidance and support that new mothers need to ease them into an exciting new stage in life. $2,500-$3,200.
When attempting to conceive, every little bit of help could go a long way. Pre-Seed’s lubricant is glycerol-free and isotonic, ensuring that sperms are undamaged and able to swim freely even with copious application of this gel. Pre-Seed’s lubricant has a consistency that is on par with top lubricant brands and feels natural on the skin—a godsend for people suffering from vaginal dryness.
Suddenly Slender’s Rapid Fat Loss Programme takes place over just 35 weeks and aids mothers in reducing their post-pregnancy weight with the help of weekly consultation sessions with certified nutritionists. Through nutritional re-adjustments to the participants’ everyday diet, as opposed to common alternatives such as crash dieting or pill popping, the weight loss effects of this programme are calculated to last.
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