Our pick of the best snacks for Chinese New Year celebrations

Chinese New Year just wouldn’t be the same without a table full of tasty snacks – check out our pick of everyone’s favourite treats for the festive season
Just sit and visualise for a while… Sweet, tangy and flaky pineapple tarts, aromatic almond cookies with the perfect crunch, and perfectly moist and crumbly peanut bites. Yum. Not forgetting, divine love letters (egg rolls) browned to perfection, or creamy melt-in-your-mouth kueh bangkits. So good, right?
Our affair with these guilty pleasures occurs but once a year, which is why we take them very seriously and did all the homework for you. Here are some speciality treats from Singapore bakeries which got our Parents World stamp of approval.
Seaweed rolls 
chinese new year treats
A tasty salty snack with ultimate crunch and chewy centre. We’re pretty sure you’ll be addicted after just one of these from Papa Cookies, priced from S$16.80 per tub.
Pineapple tarts
snacks for chinese new year
These sticky and tangy cookie bites are a real winner for family celebrations this new year. Everyone knows about Kim Choo Kueh’s pineapple tarts, priced from S$14.80.
Peanut Cookies
snacks for chinese new year
Peanut butter condensed into little morsels. What more can you ask for? Yang Yang have a selection of crunchy and delicious peanut cookies for S$15.80.
Kueh Lapis Prune 
snacks for chinese new year
Switch up your traditional kueh lapis choice and try out these ones filled with prune. It adds a juicy, sweet and tangy edge to these highly addictive cakes. Also available from Yang Yang, priced from S$32.
3 Treasures Tau Sar Piah 
snacks for chinese new year
3 unique flavours just for the festive season – Bah Kwa, Longan and Prune Tau Sae Piah. These soft and moist pastries will be a sure hit at any reunion celebration, priced at S$16.80 from Thye Moh Chan.
Mixed Crisps 
snacks for chinese new year
If you’re looking for a modern and healthier option for your snack table then these crisp treats are perfect – a delicious combination of rice crisps, pumpkin seeps, cranberries and macadamia nuts. Get these from Thye Moh Chan for S$8.80.
Golden Pineapple balls (S$23.80/23.80)
 snacks for chinese new year
For something a little unusual on your table, why not try out these Cocoa Pineapple Balls, S$23.80, or Golden Cheese Pineapple Balls, S$25.80, both from Kele. A savoury kick followed by a fruity centre for those with extra sweet tooth.
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