What does giving birth in the year of the monkey mean for your baby

Are you expecting a little monkey? Find out what giving birth in the year of the monkey means for your little bundle of joy

Giving birth in the year of the monkey
Giving birth in the year of the monkey

In Chinese astrology, your birth date reflects a particular zodiac sign and is also represented by one of the five elements – Gold, Water, Fire, Wood and Earth.  If you are pregnant and expecting your baby between 8th February 2016 and 27th January 2017,  then it is likely that your baby will have the Chinese zodiac sign of the Fire Monkey!
The Monkey year
The Monkey is generally a smart and vigilant animal but it can also be cheeky and a little naughty. The year of the monkey is thought to be connected strongly to financial happenings, because of its link with metal (gold) and water (wisdom and danger). It is also connected to the wind element, meaning that things can change unexpectedly, so watch out with any investments you plan to make; or any changes to your career or business relationships.
Your little Fire Monkey 
In Chinese astrology, the element and sign that is connected to the year of your birth also has strong impressions on a personality. Being a fire monkey in 2016 suggests that your baby will be ambitious and adventurous, but could also have a tendency to becone irritable – so make sure you have plenty of activity ideas at hand! 
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Because of the playful nature of a monkey, people who are born in this cycle are usually considered witty, intelligent and possess a magnetic charm. You can also expect your little monkey to be mischievousness, have a sense of curiosity, and be quick and sharp. They can also be a little on the naughty side so be prepared for some fun times ahead!
Despite this naughty nature, the monkey is extremely playful so you will never be bored or short of laughter. They enjoy playing practical jokes, but are usually genuine human beings who do not have any bad intentions towards others. However, those who are the brunt of their jokes may have their feelings hurt from time to time!
You can also expect your monkey to be resourceful and a quick learner, something that is a great trait to have later in life. They will be hard working and enjoy challenges, as well as taking to new surroundings and environments easily.
Monkey Trivia 

  • There is only a year of the monkey every 12 years
  • Monkey years are all multiples of 12, beginning 12 AD through to 1200 AD
  • Good career choices include accounting, banking, film director, science, engineering and air traffic control
  • Most compatible with with: Ox or Rabbit
  • Least compatible with Worst with: Tiger or Pig
  • Lucky numbers are 4 and 9
  • Lucky days are 14th and 28th
  • Lucky colours include white, blue and gold
  • Unlucky colours are red, pink
  • Unlucky colours are 2 and 7

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