Tips to prevent Dengue Fever in children

Singapore currently has 32 red alert areas in relation to the number of Dengue Fever cases that have been reported. Find out what you can do to help protect your kids from this virus 

The National Environment Agency will apply a red alert to a cluster area when 10 or more cases of Dengue have been reported. A further 106 clusters are currently considered a yellow ‘high-risk’ area and many more are under surveillance.

dengue fever in children
How can we prevent Dengue Fever in Children

Dengue Fever is probably the most common viral diseases that originates from mosquitos in the world. It spreads through the bite of an Aedes mosquito and currently there is no medicine to treat the disease.

Anyone is at risk of Dengue Fever, even our kids. So what can we do to try and reduce the risk?

Symptoms of Dengue Fever 

If you are worried that your child might have Dengue Fever, there are some symptoms you can look out for. In every case, if you are unsure, it is always best to play it safe and visit your child’s health practitioner.

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital outline the following symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Muscle and joint aches
  • Rash – this could be itchy and also appear a few days after a fever starts
  • Bleeding – usually from the nose or gums but can be from other parts of the body
  • Bruises appear on the skin from minor bumps

Tips to prevent Dengue Fever
1.The most preventative method is to stop the Aedes mosquito from breeding. Check your home and outside areas regularly for any stagnant water. Mosquitos thrive in pools of water including, plant pots, buckets, drains, small leakages and toys which may have collected rain water. Remove any stagnant water immediately.
Dengue Fever in children
2. Spray an insecticide into the corners of your home every day to eliminate any hidden mozzies from their hideouts. For example, under beds, in cupboards, behind curtains and under the sofa. All pesticides that go on sale in Singapore have to be registered and tested with the NEA. Look out for the registration logo (effective 1st Feb 2016) on a product before you buy it.
dengue fever in children
3. Containing citronella, lemongrass has often been used as a natural repellent from mosquitos. You can boost your child’s protection by rubbing natural oils that include lemongrass extract over their body. We love this Twinkle Body Mist and Twinkle Body Oil. Buy from the Twinkle store for $25 per 100ml bottle. You can also have a personalised label on your bottle for $28 per 100ml.
dengue fever in children
4. Use an effective insect repellent on your child when he is outside the home. Depending on the age of your child, there are many different products on the market, including deet sprays and patches that attach to your child’s clothing. This safe and fun Spongebob Square pants patch is available at Guardian for $5.50.
dengue fever in children
5. And lastly, don’t forget to follow the 10 minute 5-step Mozzie wipe out as recommended by the National Environment Agency every week.
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