5 food tricks everyone can do to be healthier in 2016

A squirt of lemon, a pinch of cayenne and a handful of spinach – this and more simple food tricks to help you be healthier in 2016
Here are our top 5 foods that will help you be healthier in 2016.

As busy parents, we are so focused on giving our kids a balanced diet that our own lifestyle often suffers. We know we should be healthier, but somehow there just isn’t enough time to plan, prepare and act on it.
Convenience takes over and before you know it the week has been lost to fried hawker food and comfort carb overload.
Luckily, making a change to be healthier isn’t as daunting or time-consuming as once thought. In fact, simply adding a few healthy foods to your diet will start you on the right track to making better choices and living a healthier lifestyle.
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