Best Preschools in Singapore

Best In Fostering Lifelong Learners

Amazing Star Montessori House

Amazing Star Montessori House blends a well-established Montessori curriculum with
traditional preparatory curriculum, where children are exposed only to purposeful work.

Amazing Star Montessori House builds the foundation for lifelong learning in an enriched
environment where children can thrive. Besides preparing each child academically, they are also
prepared to be self-confident, independent and responsible. Multimedia-integrated lessons are
specifically developed to a child’s natural curiosity and interests, and present skills and concepts
like literacy, numeracy, music and art in engaging and interactive ways. To enhance their general
knowledge, each term is supplemented with an interesting theme like fruits, transportation or
the underwater world. These themes are integrated into hands-on, interactive lessons and
activities, all of which culminate into an outdoor excursion to a related destination at the end
of the term.

Best In Experiential Learning

Cherie Hearts Nurtureloft

Promoting holistic learning in early education, Cherie Hearts Nurtureloft makes integrated
learning fun for the young minds.
Nurtureloft is a dynamic award-winning centre with a strong focus on experiential learning and
constant research in curriculum and methodology. Its curriculum gives children the autonomy
through a uniquely designed approach that ensures children inquire to learn and develop.

They believe that every aspect of a child’s development should be recognised, nurtured and
developed holistically. Nurtureloft prides itself on catering for all aspects of a child’s development
including the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and language development of each child
under their care.

The environment is designed to enhance and enrich your child’s imagination and creativity and
contains state-of-the-art, high quality equipment and age appropriate educational resources.

Best In Nurturing Early Learners and Confident Communicators

Chiltern House Preschool

Chiltern House Preschool
strives to create the nurturing qualities of home – warmth, security
and love, offering full childcare services within a comprehensive preschool curriculum.

The Chiltern House Programme has been specially designed to provide the ideal environment for
early childhood learning – secure, happy, and dynamic. Through a carefully structured curriculum,
Chiltern House Preschool nurtures a growing independence, and encourages positive self-esteem
through a child’s early learning years, motivating him to develop the skills to succeed in his formal
education. Classes are conducted in creative and engaging ways, with a low teacher to student ratio.
Children with differing learning styles are given the individual attention they need. A bilingual
foundation in Mandarin through daily lessons builds fluency and a love of the language and culture.
The Julia Gabriel Centre Speech and Drama lessons, within the Chiltern House programme, help to
groom children into effective and eloquent communicators, ensuring they have the confidence and
enthusiasm to face all that the future holds for them.

Best In Hands-on Programme

Dayspring Kindergarten

Dayspring Kindergarten provides a supportive and conducive environment where children can
learn and practice behaviours which are appropriate and acceptable in social situations.

With a focus on hands-on experiences to enhance the learning process for children, Dayspring
Kindergarten allows children the freedom to explore, experiment and make choices through
carefully supervised work-play. This way, classes are more interesting and learning can be maximised
through fun interactions. The Early Science programme uses the same hands-on approach to
introduce children to live sciences; think interesting experiments like the disecting of small animals,
all in the name of learning. When it comes to mathematics, Block Play is the perfect way to stimulate
young minds through the real life examples of geometric shapes and solids. The class also allows for
social and emotional interactions among peers. Other hands-on programmes to consider include
Music and Movement, Cooking, Water, Sand and Outdoor Play.

Best In Interactive Learning Programmes

Little Greenhouse

Little Greenhouse
believes in holistic learning through a fusion of strong academic curriculum,
creative enrichment and hands-on activities.

Aptly named, Little Greenhouse is where your child is carefully nurtured in a warm shelter with rays
of encouragement to help them grow and bloom to their fullest. By implementing a fusion of
strong academic curriculum, creative enrichment, and hands-on activities, your child’s full
intellectual, social, physical and creative potentials are encouraged. At Little Greenhouse, children
learn something new from their lessons every day and will pick up the skills of observation,
exploration, and even independence of thinking. Here, children are given the freedom to explore
their individual strengths and abilities under proper guidance of the teachers. Each child will emerge
confident with expressing themselves creatively; adept with the basics of language, numbers, and
problem solving; co-ordinated and actively developing his/her motor skills; more self-aware with a
sense of community and love for environment; and with a passion for learning. Programmes
include English, Maths, Music ‘N’ Movement, outdoor play, and more

Best In Bilingual Focus

Little Greenhouse

Lorna Whiston Preschools fully bilingual classroom environment allows children to build strong
linguistic foundations in both English and Mandarin.

With two bilingual preschools so far, Lorna Whiston Preschools is definitely shaping bilingual
preschool education in Singapore with its unique programmes. A customised curriculum to the
individual needs of children and highly qualified teachers contribute to their winning formula.
Lorna Whiston supports bilingualism through specially structured programmes – both formal
and informal – for higher productivity during school time. Lessons are conducted in Mandarin and
English, with two teachers engaging and conversing with the students in each language. This way,
students get maximum exposure to communicating in either language and learn how to pick up
the languages more effectively. The bilingual programme is in line with MOE’s curriculum, so your
children can move on to primary education with familiarity and ease.

Best In Promoting Positive Learning

Mulberry Learning Centre

Mulberry Learning Centre is a learning haven where children develop positive learning habits,
acquire skills and knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere.

Having an environment where children are confident to explore the world and express themselves
freely is the key in their learning journey. Other than being armed with a creative and holistic
curriculum that is adapted to each child’s learning needs, Mulberry is the first preschool in
Southeast Asia to introduce the Habits of Success to children, equipping them for any challenges
that they may face in future. All child-orientated learning programmes are based on three essential
building blocks: Attitude, Skills & Knowledge (A.S.K); developing not only the Habits of Success, but
also the skills of problem-solving and the love for learning. Here, a positive environment is enforced
with a fun yet rigorous and progressive curriculum that encourages children to be inquisitive and
curious about their surroundings. Skills in language, literacy and math concepts are developed and
applied in projects during school time. A range of enrichment programmes – speech and drama,
phonics, creative writing, swimming, and physical development – is part of the curriculum, so their
love of learning is never-ending. 

Best In Early Childhood Holistic Learning Programmes

Pink Tower Montessori

Pink Tower Montessori
offers a comprehensive and holistic core curriculum that is committed
to nurturing beyond children’s development and learning.

Offering the best of the Montessori curriculum, elements of the conventional approach, and
selective best practices from early childhood education methods through on-going research and
development is what Pink Tower Montessori is committed to. With an aim to develop children in
accordance to the methods and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, all Pink Tower Montessori
Preschool Programmes support the social, physical, intellectual and emotional development of
children, while including the five areas of Montessori learning – Sensorial, Practical Life, Language
Arts, Mathematics, and Cultural Studies. Understanding that academic learning progresses at
different ways and paces for individual learners, customised lesson plans are drawn up for each
child weekly. Here, you can be ensured that your child will be in an environment where children
can co-construct together and be challenged to reach their full potential.

Best In Nurturing Multiple Intelligences

Preschool for Multiple Intelligences

Preschool for Multiple Intelligences
is a premium bilingual international preschool for children
between 18 months to six years, where learning is experiential, meaningful and applicable in real life.

PMI gently nurtures children’s innate multiple intelligences to lay the foundation in developing their
potential. When the eight intelligences – logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, musical,
interpersonal, intrapersonal, bodily kinesthetic, and naturalistic – are nurtured, the child blossoms
into an individual that is more creative, confident, daring to explore new things, and curious about
their surroundings. At PMI, they identify each child’s strength and help him or her develop it deeper
while at the same time raise his or her  level of functioning across all other intelligences. Through
PMI’s multi-faceted curriculum, parents may observe our children engaged in: Breeding frogs from
tadpoles and documenting with words and drawings; creating imaginatively from blocks and
recycled material; making art with paint, crayons, pebbles, sand, ribbons, straws, flowers and
leaves; dramatising, singing, dancing, making music or going on a field trip to the mangroves to study
the mudskippers. Intelligence is neutral and can be used with good or bad intent. With PMI’s values
of love and compassion, independence and initiative, responsibility, respect and honesty children
learn good values to guide good behaviour.

Best In Within & Beyond Innovative Approach

Red SchoolHouse

Red SchoolHouse
provides preschool education that hones in on love, joy, trust, openness,
growth, journey, family, and bonding.

For a childcare centre that affords wholesome culture and a holistic approach with a unique twist,
look to Red SchoolHouse. Here, you will find a positive, nurturing environment that helps children
develop their fullest potential. A focus on the attention to details in the classroom comes about
from a low teacher-to-children ratio, creating more opportunities for teaching moments
throughout the day. Encompassing interesting and engaging activities, an innovative curriculum
helps children learn and develop both within and beyond the classroom. Programmes focus on
out of the box thinking and P1 readiness to ease children into formal education. Fun optional
enrichment programmes – Ballet & Hip-Hop, IT skills, Little Musician, Sports, and Art & Craft –
are available inhouse by enrichment partners. Creative activities in the Parent Partnership project
fosters strong partnership with parents to support children’s growth. Ongoing staff training also
helps in the upgrading of skills and knowledge. 

Best In Nurturing Early Literacy 

Safari House Preschool

Safari House Preschool
exclusively adopts the award-winning Zoo-phonics programme, which is
used successfully in over 6,000 schools worldwide.

In line with the highly-acclaimed Zoo-phonics programme, Safari House Preschool’s approach is
playful, unique and effective – enabling children to develop literacy skills in the early stage of their
lives. Through a systematic, multi-modal approach that focuses all the energy of children on
learning the shapes and sounds of the alphabet and phonemes, reading and spelling is a sure
success. An integrated language arts programme held amidst an interesting animal backdrop and
setting, creates a fun and nurturing environment for your child’s daily language immersion and
awareness. Interactive multi-sensorial activities across the curriculum also help children learn
about mathematics, drama, art, music and movement, science, social studies, and more.