Best Organic/ Natural Products 2015

Stay Itch Free
One capful of Bio-home Laundry Detergent is all you need for a full load, and then dry your laundry indoor afterwards without worry of malodour. It contains Silk Protein to protect delicate fabrics such as silk and wool, and Plantmoist to increase wearer’s comfort. The liquid detergent is dermatologically tested to be suitable for sensitive skin.
$11.90. Available at selected NTUC FairPrice and all Cold Storage supermarkets.

Allergy-free Pap

This organic baby meal made from brown rice can be fed to six-month-olds to support breastfeeding, until they turn three. Baby Natura Brown Rice Porridge comes in four flavours – natural, carrot, pumpkin and banana – and contains no salt, sugar, cow milk, nut, soy, egg or additives and colouring.
$5.50. Available at

Skin Deep

Babies and new mums tend to have sensitive skin, so Belly Buttons & Babies’ Mom & Baby range of organic body and skincare products is what can help protect and nourish the skin. All products rate zero for toxicity (no harmful chemicals used) on Skin Deep, a database under the Environmental Working Group that ranks all ingredients individually according to toxicity.
From $35.90. Available at

Know Baby’s Needs

Bimbosan’s infant milk formulas and supplements can be used in accordance to the Feel-Good-System – a modular baby feeding programme that helps you customise your child’s diet to the different stages of a baby’s growth and various development needs, so she gets the nutrients she needs.
$19.90­–$29.90. Available at Mothercare, SuperNature, Mom Essentials, 10 10 Mother & Child Essentials, German Market Place, RedMart (, BabyOnline (

Snooze Well

A collection of organic cotton bedding items for the little ones from swaddling cloths to blankets and muslin cloths to cot sheets, each Bubba Blue item is made from cotton grown and processed without using any harmful substances so that it is friendly on your baby’s skin.
From $18.80. Available at

Eat Healthy

CocoNurture’s cold-pressed virgin coconut oil comes in two variants – Organic Ultra Light Virgin Coconut Oil for raw consumption and Organic Premium Culinary Virgin Coconut Oil with a lighter taste and suitable for cooking and baking. This virgin coconut oil has the optimum amount of Medium-chain Triglycerides (MCTs) with fatty acids that help to metabolise fat efficiently.
$18.90–$19.90. Available at

Wholegrain Goodness

Since brown rice has a higher nutritional content than other types of rice, Healthy Times made use of the variety in their Organic Brown Rice Cereal for Baby. It is also free of gluten, wheat, dairy and soy, and is suitable for weaning babies.
$7.95. Available at NTUC FairPrice Finest, Cold Storage, Mount Alvernia Hospital Pharmacy, Toys ‘R’ Us (City Square Mall), OG departmental store (Albert Complex), selected Mothercare, 10 10 Mother & Child Essentials and all major organic stores.

Got Milk?

Alongside breast milk, feed your six-month-old baby with Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 2 from Holle. The formula uses only Demeter quality milk, from cows reared in the most humane environment and fed a specially designed natural and herb-infused diet. The result? Tastier and healthier milk for your baby.
From $36.50. Available at NTUC FairPrice Finest, Cold Storage, Mount Alvernia Hospital Pharmacy, OG departmental store (Albert Complex), selected Mothercare, 10 10 Mother & Child Essentials and all major organic stores

Handy Wipes

What babies need are thick baby wipes that moisturise the skin without feeling sticky, minus the use of any harmful substances. Petit Flo Baby Wipes are tested and approved by dermatologists for eczema and sensitive baby skin. Keep a pack handy for on-the-go use.
From $24. Available at

Soothing Solution

Easily and quickly absorbed by the skin, the Salcura DermaSpray Intensive works wonders to tackle skin problems from within. The spray is developed for various skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea, and can be applied to both adults and children above 12 months old. Made without steroids, parabens, paraffin, alcohol or any harsh chemicals, the spray is safe for sensitive skin.
$29.80 (50ml). Available at

For Beauty and Wellness

Struggling with post-partum issues on top of caring for your newborn? Tropicana’s Virgin Coconut Oil can be the master solution to all your problems. Apply it to cracked or sore nipples from breastfeeding to sooth them, or as a conditioner to help with hair loss. The oil can also be used on babies to prevent diaper rash to remove cradle cap.
$11.80 (200ml). Available at