Best Family Products and Services in Singapore

Best In Home Air Purifying Solution


Scientifically proven to be effective, BioCair is a Singapore-made liquid disinfectant with
fragrance-free and non-toxic formulation.
Distinguishing itself from other products, its active ingredient BC-65 is similar to the
compound released by our body’s white blood cells to kill germs into our immune system.
A better life quality with your loved ones awaits you with BioCair, your trusted health protector.
With its compact size, it is your best personal care disinfectant, even for babies. It is ideal for
use on hands, scalp, skin and sweat rashes, wounds and scratches. Use it to disinfect children’s
pacifier, toys, public cutleries, and other surfaces, without the need of rinsing.
Designed to be with BioCair humidifiers, it is scientifically proven to kill airborne pathogens in
30 seconds, in compliance to the US Pharmacopoeia Standard, for better health with quality
indoor air in homes, offices and classrooms. The disinfection effectiveness can last up to nine
hours in a closed room.
Made to be used with BioCair Air Purifying Solution, these ultrasonic humidifiers are designed
to convert water into fine, refreshing mists, thereby disinfecting airborne pathogens and
increases humidity in indoor environments.


Best In All-Natural Family & Pets Range

Lemongrass House

Keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy is easy with the all-natural products from Lemongrass
House. Deeply committed to the environment, this all-natural range is free from additives like sulphates,
parabens, dyes and perfumes.
All-natural Products
Other than their blended or pure essential oils itself, the aromatherapy products use essential oils –
made from highly concentrated extracts of plants, flowers, trees, leaves and roots – to help create
balance in one’s mind and emotions.
Pamper yourself in three steps with Lemongrass House’s shower and beauty range. Cleanse with the
all-natural Shower Gels, exfoliate with the Salt Body Glows, and hydrate with the Hydrating Body Creams.
Or turn your house into a calming sanctuary with a Reed Diffuser, a few spritzes of the Room & Pillow
Spray, or a few drops of essential oil.
Great for babies with sensitive skin, the products from the kids range are free from harsh chemicals and
formulated with natural ingredients that cleanse, hydrate and protect your baby’s skin.
Pamper and nourish your dog’s skin and coat with the All-Natural Dog Flea Shampoo and Dog Shampoo,
that will cleanse without causing dryness and encourage flea control. Also try the Paw Balm which
protects your pooch from the elements, while healing skin conditions like hot spots, dog eczema,
wounds, sores and burn.


Best In Compact Water Dispenser

Pere Ocean

It is important to keep the whole family hydrated, especially with the torturous heat and humidity
striking us. Ensure your family gets their daily requirement of water with Pere Ocean.
Forgo the chore of boiling your drinking water as Pere Ocean guarantees safe drinking water for everyone.
Whether it’s the Pere Ocean Mineral Water or Pere Ocean Distilled Water, you can expect amazing
health benefits.
Pere Ocean Mineral Water eliminates the toxins in your body. This detoxification process improves the
general health of your brain and body while reducing the risk of contracting degenerative diseases.
Mineral water is also good for preventing health problems relating to the nervous system, while
keeping it healthy.
Similarly, the Pere Ocean Distilled Water does wonders for your health. It collects harmful materials
accumulated in the cells, artery walls, joints and other parts of the body, only to safely eject them afterwards.
It is important to cultivate the habit of drinking adequate amount of water and encourage your kids with
Pere Ocean’s series of colourful and compact water dispensers. With hassle-free replacement, Pere Ocean
dispensers boast added convenience with a patented Dry Guard Non-spill System, giving you extra
protection from leaky bottles, and are available in standing and tabletop designs.

Best In Natural Antiseptic Skin Relief Range

Rapaid Skin Relief Range

It is common that we get inflicted with cuts and bites in our daily lives. Therefore, a quick fix solution
is necessary. Made in Australia, Rapaid Skin Relief range of products consists of all-natural
ingredients that are suitable for the whole family and even babies!
These two products serve the same purpose given the choice of a cream or spray. They contain
highly-purified Tea Tree Oil which acts as an antiseptic solution. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E naturally
moisturise, soothe, and relief pain from irritated skin. In addition, the texture is non-greasy for
excellent compatibility with any skin types.
Rapaid Powder is ideal for keeping skin dry, particularly helpful for rash, skin irritations, and chafing
due to moisture build up. Besides containing highly-purified Tea Tree Oil, it also contains Zinc Oxide
to give extra protection to irritated skin. Corn starch is used as the powder base as it has better
absorbency than talc.
Be it spending time such as having a family gathering whipping up dishes or having picnic outdoors,
Rapaid Skin Relief range with anti-inflammatory properties and all-natural ingredients can be your
handy helper for all kinds of cuts and bites.


Best In Retaining Flavours & Nutrients Pressure Cooker

Roichen Pressure Cooker

Principle of Cauldron
Healthy pressure makes food more delicious, faster and healthier. With Roichen Pressure Cooker’s
principle of traditional Cauldrons and Pressure Cookers, you can now maximise taste, nutrition and
flavour of food while minimising the destruction of nutrients. The higher pressure heats the internal
air consistently and maintains the high temperature inside the pot, cooking your meals faster.
Not only does the silicone beneath the lid prevent steam release, it also makes it airtight with the
locking device, ensuring higher internal pressure.

Technique of Eco Premium Ceramic Coating

Roichen developed the environmentally-friendly ceramic coating technology – Eco Premium
Ceramic Coating – with many advantages such as superior durability, the absence of cancer-causing
harmful chemical materials in its coating and cooking surface, and healthy far infrared ray emission,
and ease of cleaning. This way, Roichen pressure cookers are safe, convenient, durable.

Best In Entertainment for Cruise Ship Vacation

Royal Caribbean International’s Mariner of the Seas

Mariner of the Seas is the largest and most exciting cruise ship based in Asia. Almost like a self-contained
city, the ship spans 15-decks and accommodates up to 3,800 guests. It also houses innovative activities
and entertainment for guests of all ages, such as the Royal Promenade (a boulevard of duty-free shops
and cafes), an ice-skating rink, full-sized sports court, in-line skating track and rock-climbing wall.
In addition, there is a three-tier theatre, fitness centre, spa, pools, bars and lounges, karaoke, bingo,
dance parties and more, that the family can enjoy.
With the unique DreamWorks entertainment programme onboard, guests get to interact with ‘celebrity’
characters like Shrek and Fiona of Shrek, Alex of Madagascar, and Po of Kungfu Panda during parades
at the Royal Promenade. They also get breakfast and photo opportunities with the characters.
Kids and teens from three to 17 years old will have a whale of a time with complimentary Adventure
Ocean activities, led by certified Youth Staff. There are different programmes specially tailored to fit
age groups such as story time, themed parties, face painting, backstage tours, talent shows,
scavenger hunts and more. Guests of six to 36 months can also join in the interactive playgroups
or be well taken care of by trained staff at the Royal Babies and Tots Nursery.
Numerous complimentary and specialty options abound to satisfy any craving, including the main
dining room, buffet restaurant, Chops Grille Steakhouse, the rustic-style Giovanni’s Table, and
Johnny Rockets’ 50’s-style American diner.


Best In Fresh-in-fresh-out Household Rice Dispenser


Remember when your rice container caused problems such as an infestation of unwanted pests, back
strain from reaching down low, and wasteful spillages? These undesirable situations can be avoided
with Tupperware’s RiceSmart.
A must-have for every home, the RiceSmart preserves the freshness of rice with the fresh-in-fresh-out
mechanism to ensure that old rice is used up before the new rice. A seal makes sure that the rice is
kept free from moisture and prevents any contamination of weevils.
Stylish and compact, it complements any kitchen and is suitable for any family. Its slim design fits in
narrow spaces, which helps save space in the kitchen. The see-through walls of the rice dispenser also
make it easy to monitor the amount of rice, so you are not caught off-guard when you are out of rice.
Each slide dispenses exactly 1 cup (150g) of rice, making measurement easy and fuss-free.


Best In Interactive Family Edutainment

Science Centre Singapore

Looking for enriching activities outside of the classroom to help your children learn? A leading regional
science centre, Science Centre Singapore can engage your children with creative shows and activities
for hours on end.
A custodian of creativity and innovation, the centre has captured the evolution of scientific developments
through unique and relevant exhibitions and shows. It houses 14 exhibition galleries with more than
1,000 exhibits, another 30,000 sq m of outdoor exhibition space showcasing the Waterworks exhibition,
Ecogarden and Kinetic Garden.
Along with its partners, the centre has transformed the way students and the public interact with and
learn about science and technology.
Other attractions in Science Centre
1. Omni-Theatre – Immerse yourself in a unique movie experience in Singapore’s only IMAX dome theatre.
2. Snow City – Experience sub-zero temperatures in Singapore’s largest indoor snow playground.
3. KidsSTOP – Have fun at Singapore’s only children science centre (for 18 months to 8 years old).
Lates Exhibitions
1. Human Body Experience Exhibition
2. Climate Change/ Climate Challenge Exhibition
3. Tuning In: Brain & Body Exhibition


Best In Natural & Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes

Zappy Baby Wipes

Formulated with only plant-based and natural ingredients, this Singapore-made product is soft, gentle
and safe for baby’s delicate skin. Certified organic ingredients such as chamomile extracts and aloe v
era soothe and moisturise skin.
Considering baby wipes are used over and over from head to toe on a baby’s skin, Zappy Baby Wipes’
safest, naturally derived ingredients without any soap, alcohol and fragrance – widely known as strong
skin irritants – makes it even suitable for babies with sensitive skin. Due to its high absorbency, you
can now save time on cleaning up, whether it’s a diaper change or mealtime mess, with just one
piece of baby body wipe.
Each pack comes nicely packaged with a resealable sticker or snap shut lid for convenience of use
at home or while travelling.