Best family-friendly restaurants in Singapore

Going to dinner is often a challenge when you have hungry, tired or just hyper kids to think about. So, we have put together this list of the best family-friendly restaurants in Singapore. 
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Located in Marina Mandarin, this restaurant is no newcomer to the buffet scene in Singapore. Well known for their weekly buffet special deals and its wide spread of fresh and succulent seafood, Aquamarine hosts a remarkable variety of International and Asian food spread. The food is prepared and flambeed in an all-glass encased kitchen, providing patrons with a feast for the eyes. Sink your teeth into Roast Beef or Lamb as well as Aquamarine’s signature creation, an all-time Singaporean admired dish – Durian Pengat. Other all time desires such as freshly sliced Sashimi, Tempuras, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Laksa can also be found, among many others.
Ballistic Meatballs

For all meatball cravers, this eatery is perfect for you. Renowned for their meatball concepts and themes, they create all meatball recipes by hand and brew the meatball sauce from its basic ingredients, too. It warms our hearts to know that the passionate owner crafts all recipes from scratch. Through constant improvisations and innovations, amazing recipes are birthed. The meatballs range from meat choices to even seafood – there are even vegetarian options!
With an additional option to upsize your meatball selections to a wrap, pasta, sandwich or salad set meal, it will be a stomach-comforting gourmet journey.
Brunches Cafe

Step right into this chic yet vintage themed cafe sitting in the neighbourhood of Farrer Park. As the name suggests, this cafe places its pride in serving up scrumptious breakfast menus all day, along with other tempting delights such as Gourmet Sandwiches, Waffles, as well as in-house designed coffee and tea creations. It is definitely a cosy and unique place for families to gather and unwind. The vintage collection of furniture and display pieces in the cafe adds an extra topic to converse about while sipping that mug of freshly roasted coffee.
Cafe Manuka

Sitting on the fifth floor of Paragon Shopping Centre, Cafe Manuka is one that’s popular with families. Originated from New Zealand, Cafe Manuka serves up a variety of gourmet coffees along with a wide selection of breakfast items, salads, pan-fried pastas, oven-grilled sandwiches and freshly baked cakes. Be prepared for an awesome gastronomical journey as you and your kids dive into exclusively crafted New Zealand themed food. Delicious coffee, good food and ambience – what more can you ask for?

With Australian origin, Geláre takes pride in serving distinguished ice cream flavours that are churned with no air. The result? Pure 100 percent cream infused ice cream that is thick on flavour and heavy on texture – the exact way how ice cream should taste. Geláre’s ice creams are much creamier and thicker than usual Italian ice cream – with such intense flavours and rich milky texture; it is a definite hit among its patronising families.
Jack’s Place
A newly revamped restaurant that dates back to the 1968, Jack’s Place is no stranger to the Singaporean core. With various beefsteak choices ranging from grass-fed beef cuts to prime cut selections, Jack’s Place goes the extra mile in providing quality comfort food to its patrons. For a full experience of the tempting steak cuts, patrons have the option to make their food picks a meal. There are also various non-steak options that your non-beef eating family members can indulge in. With the revamped restaurant setting that Jack’s Place is shifting towards, the more modernistic outlook will spur on the snug factor that Jack’s Place is acclaimed for.
La Pastificio

La Pastificio is the place for affordably priced pasta and mouth-watering western grill – that is aromatically served while piping hot. This is the only place where patrons are able to receive restaurant grade food at cafe prices. Menu items are made fresh to order, maintaining the high quality of the pasta dish coupled with its luscious velvety pasta sauce, elevating the dish to the next level. The chefs and waiters also create a heartening experience by keeping all smiles and warm gestures – this definitely attracts patrons to return for more goodness.
A posh upscale dining experience located in Mandarin Hotel Gallery, Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore plays host to divine lunch and dinner meat dishes. With a reservation almost necessary for every weekend, this restaurant takes pride in its steak dishes. But non-steak goers do not fret – there are salads, seafood and an assortment of accompaniments to fill your bellies. To complete your heavy mains, tune in to delightfully self-crafted gourmet desserts such as the Lawry’s Mud Pie. This restaurant will definitely leave a mark in your family’s memories.

Authentic Italian food meets affordable fare – only Saizeriya has the best of both worlds. Whether you are cooking up a celebration for a loved one, or whether it is just a simple casual dining, Saizeriya caters to all your celebratory needs with its affordable platter of food that fuses both Japanese and Italian themes. In addition, its selection of free flow cold and hot beverages compliments the star dish. What makes the experience a memorable one is definitely the lack of Service Charge and GST – this way, restaurant goers are able to indulge without the guilt.
Slappy Cakes

For early birds who enjoy the morning sun and crisp fresh air, head down to Slappy Cakes for their popular pancake breakfast options that offers a twist on your dining experience. Diners are able to create their own versions of fluffy pancakes using unique flavour-infused batter. To complete the pancake, diners are able to include either sweet or savoury fillings within their pancakes. Pancakes are then topped with a wide spread of garnishing and frosting.
Wrap & Roll
Looking for a healthy variant of Vietnamese food in a casual dining setting? Wrap & Roll serves up authentic Vietnamese food that combines both healthy and finger-licking good traits. Their delectable rolls are the star players in the restaurant – the fillings go as broad as from beef to mushrooms and tofu. After a hearty main, indulge and let your hair go as you sink your teeth into the unique dessert craftings that the restaurant offers. Our personal favourite is the Egg & Milk Flan Pudding with Topping of Vietnamese Coffee – simply a match made in heaven.
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