Arc Learning Centre

What it offers: Arc Learning Centre offers a multi-dimensional and independent approach to learning English and Humanities. Parents can choose from the PSLE, Secondary Level English Language and Secondary Level Humanities programmes.
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6384 9123, or
Parents World recommends: The PSLE programme

Be a Champ

What it offers: Be a Champ offers group badminton coaching classes. The school’s NCAP certified and MOE registered coaches use edurance and mental training to help transform students into badminton champions
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Parents World recommends:
Badminton group classes

Be The Voice Academy

What it offers: Be The Voice Academy teaches your child three fundamental skills that are prerequisites for fluent and well-articulated conversations. Your children will be taught how to read, speak in a logical and systematic manner, and with great confidence.
Find out more: 6878 0100, or
Parents World recommends:
PSLE Oral Preparation programmes


What it offers: Children in their formative years of growth are the most susceptible to picking up information and retaining it in memory for life. Brain Builder zones in on this unique ability and trains children to develop their minds at a quicker rate in an engaging way.
Find out more: 6465 5332
Parents World recommends:
PowerMaths Enrichment

BrightMinds Education

What it offers: BrightMinds Education is the only tuition centre in Singapore that offers an intensive 50-hour PSLE revision course for English, Maths and Science. The revision course makes use of in-house revision notes and practice papers, which are updated according to the latest MOE syllabus.

Find out more: 6457 0881, or
Parents World recommends:
BrightMinds’ PSLE Revision Course

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre

What it offers: Using a learner-centred approach, Chengzhu Mandarin Centre offers children a fun way of learning Mandarin. The centre aims to strengthen the child’s understanding of Chinese culture and provides students with a holistic environment to learn and grow.
Find out more: 6737 5348, or
Parents World recommends:
The Creative Writing Programme

Clayworks Art Academy

What it offers: At Clayworks Art Academy, children will take pride in learning and witnessing the wondrous process of how a simple idea in their minds can be transitioned in to a physical clay art form. With a proven curriculum that works, Clayworks Art Academy assures you that your child’s creative potential will be drawn out to its maximum capabilities.
Find out more: 6636 2889, or
Parents World recommends:
The Play & Clay Book Programme

Creative Arts Trove

What it offers: The Creative Arts Trove aims to hone your child’s communication, problem-solving, social, emotional and fine motor skills through its range of programmes. They hope this will allow students to better develop their ideas as they grow.
Find out more: 9074 8804 or
Parents World recommends: Creative Art Trove weekly art classes

Crestar School of Dance

What it offers: A wide array of dance programmes that will suit any junior’s needs. Crestar School of Dance appeals to children aged two and a half and above
Find out more: 6342 5600,,
Parents World recommends:
Any of their dance offerings

Edugrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre

What it offers: Edugrove introduces a fun and engaging alternative to learning the language. This makes it a lot faster for children to pick up and motivates them to learn more.
Find out more: 6584 8489,,
Parents World recommends:
Their Mandarin programmes

Evelyn’s Schoolhouse

What it offers: With the Montessori approach, children will undergo self directed learning and learn to solve problems by themselves without the aid of teachers. Teachers are there to facilitate your children in the event that they get stuck or lose their focus when engaged in an activity.
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Parents World recommends:
The Montessori Enrichment Programmes

Geno House Tuition and Enrichment Centre

What it offers: A systematic learning approach that incorporates the use of study summaries and customised worksheets. Geno House offers classes in English, Mandarin, Science and Mathematics for both primary and secondary students.
Find out more: 6459 4061, or
Parents World recommends:
The primary and secondary classes

Happy Train

What it offers: Happy Train aims to improve concentration, memory and attentiveness. Their holistic brain-training programmes focus on right brain and whole brain training.
Find out more: 6336 5080,, or
Parents World recommends:
The Trilingual and Bilingual Programme

Heguru Education Centre

What it offers: Heguru Education Centre promises that there will never be a dull moment for your child when it comes to learning. With a wide range of activities implemented throughout the curriculum, children will be subjected to various stimuli such as speed, music, visualisation, memory building and numeracy exercises that strengthen and develop the right brain.
Find out more: 6346 4646, or
Parents World recommends:
The preschool course


What it offers: HighQ aims to raise learning to the “power of Q” by combining the IQ and EQ aspects of a child’s learning cycle. This helps to ensure long term success for every individual child through its learning journey and beyond. The centre also offers enrichment programmes in Maths, Science and Languages.
Find out more: 6259 2078 or
Parents World recommends:
EQ4Kidz Programme

Ilham Child Care

What it offers: Ilham Child Care preps your children for assimilation into their respective primary schools with an armament of skills that gives them an edge over other classmates. Ilham Child Care is the only childcare centre that teaches four languages – English, Arabic, Malay and Mandarin.
Find out more: 6749 6323,, or
Parents World recommends:
Any of their programmes

Kidz Literacy Cove

What it offers: Kidz Literacy Cove has structured a programme that is catered specifically to Singaporeans. Their three different programme levels are divided according to difficulty for different age group categories that expose children to a myriad of literacy exercises to bring their English proficiency to the next level.
Find out more: 9780 0786 , or
Parents World recommends:
The Victoria Carlton Literacy Programme

Lazarus Centre

What it offers: Lazarus Centre provides Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to promote learning.
Find out more: 6463 2462 or
Parents World recommends:
Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy

Learning Journey Education Centre

What it offers: The Learning Journey Education Centre makes use of a wide range of tools to ensure your child is taught using a holistic child-centric approach. Each class has a maximum of six students.
Find out more: 6555 1849 or
Parents World recommends:
The Super Writers programme

Literacy Plus

What it offers: LiteracyPlus offers your children a journey to become a creative and confident reader, writer, speaker and thinker for the future. Their classes hold a maximum of up to 10 students and their teachers are all ex-MOE educators who are used to handling 30 to 40 kids regularly.
Find out more: 6777 2468, or
Parents World recommends:
Primary and Secondary English

Molin Tutorial Centre

What it offers: Molin has been providing Mandarin tuition for more than 25 years. It advocates ‘learning through fun’ and the centre makes use of a wide spectrum of innovative teaching methods to provide junior with a strong Mandarin foundation.
Find out more: 6440 8036, or
Parents World recommends: The Foundation Programme for preschoolers

Musikal Genesis

What it offers: Soft Mozart allows children as young as two years old to learn how to play the piano. This programme was created and patented through 25 years of research by musicologist Professor Hellene Hiner where music notation is combined with computer interactivity to make reading notes simple, easy and fun. Musikal Genesis is the pioneer for inculcating Soft Mozart into their curriculum.
Find out more: 6256 5191 or
Parents World recommends: The Soft Mozart programme

My Drum School

What it offers: The various programmes at My Drum School go beyond the call of duty of orthodox drumming education. Children will be exposed to the latest musical technological gizmos and undergo a fun yet practical drumming programme.
Find out more: 6440 5110 or
Parents World recommends: Drums courses

Ossia Music School

What it offers: Ossia Music School offers a wide variety of music courses that cater to juniors aged three and a half years and above. Students are taught using course books, digital equipments and flash cards customised to suit each child’s proficiency
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Parents World recommends: Ossia Music School’s foundation courses

Pony Running International Early Childhood Education Centre

What it offers: Studies have proven that children pick up and retain the most information from birth to six years of age. It is at this critical stage that limiters holding them back from brilliance should be unlocked. At Pony Running International, specific programmes and methods are utilised to release this innate potential within children to achieve greater heights in life.
Find out more: 6348 9098,, or
Parents World recommends: The Smart Programme

Ros Schoolhouse

What it offers: With an ever-expanding list of positive testimonials, Ros Schoolhouse is the solution for your woes. Your children will be exposed to a wide range of activities that include but not limited to world arts, music, history, cooking and craftwork.
Find out more: 6581 8176, or
Parents World recommends: The multiplication fun programme

S.A.M (Seriously Addictive Mathematics)

What it offers: S.A.M draws on its philosophy of its Two Learning Pillars – The Worksheet Exerience and The Classrooom Experience to give your child a complete learning experience. Your child will be taught in a creative and caring learning environment.
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Parents World recommends: Seriously Addictive Mathematics Accelerated

Soul Centre

What it offers: SoulCentre and SoulKids Academy has a 10 years proven track record in Singapore, and sees clients from all over the world. SoulKids training programmes are fun and experiential, and are open for children aged five and a half years and above.
Find out more: 9875 2372,, or
Parents World recommends: SoulKids

What it offers: Sparkanauts makes use of brain development, body development and social and learning skills to give your child an intellectual, physical and social edge. The school targets children aged five months to six years.
Find out more: 6259 0307, or
Parents World recommends: Sparkanaut’s bilingual programme

Spectrum Learning

What it offers: Spectrum Learning uses state of the art technology to decipher the biochemistry of the brain. It can use science to tap into your child’s hidden potential or remove blockages that are limiting to the individual.
Find out more: 6834 9476, or
Parents World recommends: The reading and comprehension programmes


What it offers: Taekwondonomics teaches the values of discipline, restraint and self-defence. It also builds strong levels of concentration. Taekwondonomics has proven to aid in the development of motor skills in children.
Find out more: 6354 2208, or
Parents World recommends: The Super Junior Taekwondo

The Language League

What it offers: The Language League offers language and humanities classes for primary and secondary levels and General Paper classes for A level students. The centre is sure to cover your child’s English and Humanities needs.
Find out more: 6483 3830, 6451 0433, or
Parents World recommends: The Junior Shakespeare programme

The Music Academy

What it offers: The Music Academy is the place to go if your children aspire to be music stars. Led by a team of veteran musicians, your child will be taught how to combat the fear of public performing. They will be given the necessary confidence to be able to step up and play like a star.
Find out more: 6353 3252, or
Parents World recommends: Any of the music courses

Wings to Wings Dance Development Centre

What it offers: Wings to Wings Dance Development Centre offers a wide range of dance classes to cater to all your junior’s needs. This includes an Autism Movement Therapy programme, which targets children with special needs.
Find out more: 6532 0406, or
Parents World recommends: The Autism Movement Therapy

Wolfgang Violin Studio

What it offers: Wolfgang Violin Studio prides itself in building a solid violin technique foundation that nurtures the musical child. The studio integrates a progressive yet fun violin methodology that aims to inspire and encourage creativity.
Find out more: 6732 0138, or
Parents World recommends: Kinderviolin

Zoo-Phonics School

What it offers: Zoo-phonics specialises in English literacy and enrichment programmes that cater to children in pre-schools. The school aims to teach your child how to read, write and communicate more effectively through its range of programmes.
Find out more: or
Parents World recommends: Zoo-phonics School’s Primary Enrichment and English programmes.

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