pregnant celebs 2016

This Year’s Hot List of Yummy Mummies

We’re halfway through the year now and as always there’s talk about which celebs have popped and who is still expecting – here’s a rundown of celebrity babies in 2016!

pregnancy superfoods

Superfoods For Pregnant Moms

Find out what foods are the best for your body during pregnancy to keep you and your unborn child happy and healthy.

fit moms of instagram

PW Inspired: Fit Moms Of Instagram

Find out more about the fit moms of instagram – what they think about their own fitness journey and all the shamers on social media.

pregnancy exercise

This workout could be the answer to your prenatal fitness

A pregnancy exercise that is fun, different and fairly easy to manage during pregnancy. Check out one mums exercise routine for pregnancy.

Pregnancy for men

6 ways daddy can make pregnancy a smoother journey

It takes two to tango! Pregnancy for men is often overlooked but fathers-to-be have a very important role to play in the pregnancy journey. Find out 6 ways you can make it a smoother journey

Exercise during pregnancy

What are the dangers of exercise during pregnancy?

Are you concerned about how to exercise safely during pregnancy. We asked our expert gynaecologist Dr Peter Chew to explain the dangers

pregnancy timeline

Your pregnancy timeline checklist

Here is your month by month pregnancy timeline checklist

What to expect when expecting

During pregnancy, there are many common symptoms that you and your body will go through. Here’s what to expect when you are expecting

5 Easy Confinement Recipes For A Better You

Every woman has been told that taking care of themselves, especially in the first month (30-40 days) after they have given birth, is crucial for a smooth recovery. This restoring period has been termed masa nifas in Malay, zuo yue zi in Chinese, puerperium in medicine, and confinement for most of us. Restricted to a […]

“My Hubby left me because I couldn’t give him another baby”

“The night before my 40th birthday I decided to let go of my desire for a second baby. My first – and only – child had been born when I was 31, and I had spent much of the time since struggling to get pregnant again. But that night I promised myself that my longing […]