Giving birth in the year of the monkey

What does giving birth in the year of the monkey mean for your baby

Are you pregnant and expecting to give birth between 8th February 2016 and 27th January 2017? Then you could be giving birth to a ‘little monkey’! Find out more about what this means for your baby

pregnancy timeline

Your pregnancy timeline checklist

Here is your month by month pregnancy timeline checklist

What to expect when expecting

During pregnancy, there are many common symptoms that you and your body will go through. Here’s what to expect when you are expecting

5 Easy Confinement Recipes For A Better You

Every woman has been told that taking care of themselves, especially in the first month (30-40 days) after they have given birth, is crucial for a smooth recovery. This restoring period has been termed masa nifas in Malay, zuo yue zi in Chinese, puerperium in medicine, and confinement for most of us. Restricted to a […]

“My Hubby left me because I couldn’t give him another baby”

“The night before my 40th birthday I decided to let go of my desire for a second baby. My first – and only – child had been born when I was 31, and I had spent much of the time since struggling to get pregnant again. But that night I promised myself that my longing […]

Vitamins For Mums

Essential vitamins for pregnant mums and their growing babies. Vitamins and a balanced diet is most pivotal in the growth and development of baby and for a healthy pregnancy. These are some of the vitamins that all expectant mothers need in their diet. 1) Folic Acid Folate is essential in lowering the risk of your […]

names for girls

Top 10 Names For Girls

Sugar and spice and all things nice – find out what the top baby names for girls mean and what is their origin!

Tips For Post-natal Health

New babies have endless needs and taking care of them can be a round-the-clock mission. But, while it’s natural for baby to take centre stage, the mums’ wellbeing should remain a top priority, too. “After all the anticipation, the first few days can be a very emotional time when the baby finally arrives,” says Dr […]

The Twin Factor

Here are ways to prepare for the arrival of twin joys. 1. Stock Up On Supplies In a household with babies, you can’t have enough of diapers, wipes, sheets, blankets and towels. Look out for baby fairs and sales where you can buy bundle packs of these essentials especially diapers and baby wipes. 2. Get […]

The Right Confinement Diet

Senior Dietician, Ms Sarah Sinaram from Raffles Diabetes & Endocrine Centre shares her expert views on the confinement diets. It seems that almost every Asian ethnic group has its version of the confinement diet, a period where a new mother recuperates after child birth. Although the scientific evidence behind such diets is lacking, many women […]