4 Weekend Destinations For The Family

If you’re planning to spend the weekend with your family and are swamped about which places to head to. You have wandered onto the right page! As we all know, weekend getaways are a thing of the present. Many a time, you log in to your Facebook or Instagram and you see families hopping on the plane to the nearest destination for a weekend trip and you think to yourself, “how do they manage to do it”? It’s simple really. Choose a destination, log on to whichever travel airfare app available at your fingertips and book it! Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Prior to the costs, with a majority of apps offering the option of airfare + accommodation, life doesn’t get any easier!! Let’s get on to the destinations….. Batam First up we have every Singaporean family’s go-to destination for a weekend getaway. Many weekend promotions are available online pertaining a trip to Batam. Inclusive of ferry tickets and accommodation, you can just as easily line up the kiddos and your spouse and whisk them away! Plenty of kid-friendly activities are available in Batam as well. From bringing the kids to the largest inflatable water theme park to indulging in freshly caught seafood atop a kelong – there’s just so much to do! Hat Yai Merely a 30 minutes flight away from Singapore, Hat Yai, a city located in Southern Thailand has not yet been overly populated by the masses. Despite being a hidden gem, this beautiful place hasn’t stopped short of attracting people to its small town. Mainly due to the fact that it is also the first town after Malaysia’s border, many travellers have been known to have a stopover in this quaint town before taking a bus down to islands like Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or even to […]

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