Are private pre-schools necessary?

  In the run for the best, we sieve out the pros and cons of private preschools and if it’s worth your money. They say that parents always want what’s best for their children. However, with some pre-schools, amounting up to $2000 a month, we can’t help but wonder, are private pre-schools really necessary?If so, what are children from public schools missing out on? The Montessori Experience Eton International School, Julia Gabriel and Brighton Montessori are some of the prestigious pre-schools synonymous to children who are born with a silver spoon. Their syllabusis based on the Montessori curriculum, which-aims to provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment that will enrich your child’s development-through an excellent foundation for creative learning. In these private schools, most of the learning activities are individualized. For example, each child engages in a learning task that particularly appeals to him as it is geared towards his level of readiness. By doing so, he works at his own rate and repeats a task as often as he likes. A carefully planned series of success, builds upon inner confidence in the child – assuring him that he can learn by himself. These confidence-building activities contribute to the child healthy emotional development. And with confidence inculcated to your child, he will face challenges head on – a life skill, which even some adults don’t possess. The Core Education Public schools such as PAP Community Foundation also known as PCF provides a core program which looks fairly decent on paper but as each centre functions on their own, it depends very much on the centre’s principal and teachers. However, they all have a common goal whereby it is to train your child with academic skills. Their performance-based syllabus will coach your child to get his full marks and make you one […]

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