5 Fun Ways To Teach Your Toddler To Do Chores

Toddlers create messes. But it does not mean that you have to keep cleaning up after them.  It’s never too early to instill good habits of cleaning up after themselves. We show you how to get your little tyke to pick up after him/herself. 1.Put Toys Away Ever wonder why playtime ends up looking like a toy tornado hit your playroom? Always end a play session by having your kids help you put away their toys. Sing cleaning up songs from school or your child’s favourite cartoon to make it fun for them. Always reward their behavior positively with praises to reinforce the positive behavior. 2. Help to clear their dishes Get your toddler involved after mealtimes by asking them to bring their own plates and food scraps to the kitchen after meals. This forms good habit and helps the kids be  more conscientious about cleaning up 3. Pick up their clothes Most kids drop their clothes on the floor when they change outfits. Then they rush off to play and leave the dirty clothes on the floor. Remind them to pick up and  put their clothes into a designated laundry hamper. This habit will come in handy when they livein dorms or in shared facilities. 4. Kid-sized Cleaning Tools Kids love to copy their parents. As you are cleaning, encourage your kids to “help out” with their cleaning gear. Invest in  cleaning toy sets for toddlers. They are readily available at most department stores or you can get them online. Or repurpose an old broom or mop for your toddler ! They will love it. 5. Laundry Inspector Preschoolers love this fun and easy task – separating light and dark-coloured clothing and clothes of different fabric. Get your toddler to inspect all the clothes before you load them into […]

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