5 Stay Home Activities For When You’re Rained In

October 9th, 2018

The rainy season is back in sunny Singapore. Although the rain is enjoyed by many, it has a special way of ruining outdoor plans. Especially one that you’ve spent days or weeks planning for the family. While being stuck indoors with restless children wasn’t your idea of how you wanted to spend the day, there are many things to do when rained in.

Board Games
In this digital age, board games are long forgotten. However, we know of a lot who still have their many board games albeit collecting dust at the back shelf of the storeroom. It’s time to get out the Game of Life or Scrabbles and introduce them to the family. It’ll be fun watching the children learn something new and you reminiscing about the past—when Saturday games night was a weekly event with the whole family.

Nothing gets children excited more than an abundance of sugar. It’s time to whip out the flour and eggs. Get on a YouTube baking channel and get to whisking. Start small by baking cupcakes of the children’s choices or go big by baking a huge cake for the whole family. Either way, it’ll definitely be a memorable activity for both you and your children. However, do be prepared of the mess that will ensue.

Puzzles were all the rage back then. Why not bring it back again? Apart from mental stimulation, puzzles also introduce children to other social behaviours like teamwork. If you don’t have a puzzle box lying around, you can always DIY. Print out a template from the internet, cut them out and get to assembling it with your children. Or you can also grab a study piece of cardboard (if you have any lying around), have your children draw a picture on it, cut the outline to form puzzle pieces and off they go assembling their own art.

Storytelling Competition
Gather the children and your spouse, give them a book each and you be the judge of who’s the better storyteller. If your child is too young to read, allow them to be the judge whilst you partake in this breezy activity. Arrange for gifts to be won using DIY or craft items. Or if you’re feeling more adventurous a pre-shopping day for gifts could work, too.

Arts and Crafts
Back when technology wasn’t a major part of our lives, we used to turn to arts and crafts to keep ourselves preoccupied. Papier-mâchés, origami, making things out of toilet rolls, pegs or simple sock puppets that can entertain the children from days on end. It’s always great to see make use of the time you have at home not wasted on technology instead doing fun bonding activities with your children.

Treasure Hunt
Children love finding things, especially when there’s a prize at the end. Get creative, list down a series of clues on a paper, hand them over to your children and watch them as they put on their little detective hats. Instead of an item placed at each hidden spot, you can leave coins around for at the end of the day, their gift will be the accumulated coins of which they can put in their piggy banks, after.

There you have it. Don’t let the heavy downpour dampen your mood with this list of easy-to-do activities. There’s nothing more like a day in with the family.

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