5 Kid-Friendly Outdoor Sports Activities

October 7th, 2018

For parents who’re outdoorsy, it’s time to introduce the children to some fun and safe outdoor activities that’s suitable for the whole family. Singapore’s sunny weather provides us with an abundance of Vitamin D, so, every day is a perfect time to soak in some family fun. Outdoor activities also help with building social interaction skills and confidence level. Instead of constantly being cooped up indoors with their smart gadgets, introduce some fun in the sun this weekend.

Forest Adventure
If you excel in obstacle courses and would love to share the experience with your children, make your way down to Forest Adventure over the weekend. With a variety of courses made available for children of all ages and adults, we promise you will have an exhilarating time. This is a special calling to adrenaline junkies out there – an experience to remember in Singapore’s largest tree top adventure park.

Have fun in Pulau Ubin
Merely a quick bumboat away, it’s like going to a new place without adding on to the stamps on your passport. A quick day-trip to Pulau Ubin, will leave you exhausted yet incredibly well-informed. There’s a few outdoor sports activity to be done in Ubin, too. Like a hike up Puaka Hill – Ubin’s tallest point, cycle around the island, soak in the afternoon sun by kayaking around the island and exploring Chek Java Wetlands when you’re done with said activities.

Kick some balls
Run down to the nearest Futsal court to home and organize a friendly football match amongst your family. You can also take it up a notch by having a 5v5 with your siblings’ families. Making it fun for everyone. Channel your inner Fandi Ahmad, Cristiano Ronaldo or Maradona. Flaunt those ‘footy’ skills on the court and show off to your family. Whip out what you’ve learnt from the hours spent playing ‘void deck’ football growing up as a Singaporean child. Who knows, this might also lead to a monthly affair.

Shoot it out
A hit amongst children and adults, Paintball is ultimately a fun outdoor activity. What a way to spend the day. Running around and coming up with tactical moves to bring your opponent down. Dodging paint ‘bullets’. It’s best to call on more people to join in on this family fun. ‘Rambo’ your way around the field and bring out your inner soldier. While this is undoubtedly is a fun activity, do remember to do your research and ensure your children’s safety is above all. If you’re not a fan of Paintball and the mess that follows it, you can also look into Lasertag with the family for some good and clean fun!

This is for the adventurous thrill-seekers. You can either do it over here in Singapore or take a short trip nearby to Batam or Malaysia to try this out. Singapore is home to a lot of things and when it comes to sports you can bet there’s lots to do here. Having the first of its kind Wake Park, get the children and yourself ready to embark on a fun filled activity. It will not disappoint and if that doesn’t do it for you, there’s plenty of other water activities available around to try.

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