Flu Be Gone!

September 28th, 2018

If you’re feeling an itch at the back of your throat, incessant tickles in your nose or the feeling of gluey phlegm dampening your airways, you’re unfortunately coming down with the flu! Today Online reported in March 2018 that Singapore has had two peak periods for the flu virus; those being April to June and September to December. This finding can have parents cringing as these happen to be key periods for children who are undergoing PSLE or End of Year examinations. Can anything be done to fight it? Let’s look at some ways you and your family can stay virus free this peak period:

1. Flu-tiqutte
Yup, you read it right! If the child is down with the flu, the last thing you’d want to do is send him/her to school. Exercise flu etiquette by ensuring he/she receives enough rest and can recover fully. The last thing anyone would want is a flu epidemic at work or school. Be considerate to others by resting if you are affected by the flu. Cough and sneeze into a tissue or your elbows. Teach your child the proper way to contain a sneeze. In addition, wash your hands often! Your body takes up to two weeks to recover from flu. You might still be susceptible to passing on the virus, hence ensure high standards of hygiene during this time. Practice good flu-tiqutte!

2. Hydrate
Have you ever heard this saying: you’re not sick, you’re just not hydrated enough? This might be true sometimes. The world is seeing some of the hottest temperatures it has ever experienced in recent years. Being next to the equator doesn’t help much either. Stay hydrated to fend of viruses and build a stronger immune system.

3. Vaccinate Yourself
Fend off the flu with a simple jab! Getting a vaccine helps protect you and those around you as there’s a reduced chance of catching the flu and passing it on!

4. Distance Yourself
Heard someone sneeze? You might like to keep a distance for a little while, in order to avoid the flu! However, do make a subtly shift away from someone whilst in public transportation so as to not offend anyone around you. If it can’t be helped, load up on the Vitamin C’s too!

5. Fluimucil
Is all hope lost if you or your child become bogged down by flu? Fret not, you can use an array of products to help reduce the symptoms. The most irritating symptom, phlegm can be easily kept in check, thanks to Fluimucil‘s quick acting solution. It is an effect mucolytic that gets rid of that sticky gluey stuff affecting the airways. It’s available for children and adults. It contains the active ingredient N-acetylcysteine which breaks down and expels phlegm to clear the airway. Fluimucil is available at leading pharmacies. Consult your healthcare professional for advice.
Seeing as we in the cusp of the flu season, make sure to practice good flu-tiquette and fend off the virus by building your immunity. Head down to the nearest drug store, now!

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