Ways To Feed Picky Eaters Their Greens

September 21st, 2018

387520-PC4AKO-619Have you struggled with your children when it comes to vegetables? Does the sight of anything green irk your lil’ one? Picky eating is a struggle for many families and vegetables are one of the most challenging foods for young children to enjoy. Especially with the amount of fast food and sweet stuff they are exposed to. This topic has been around for ages and it’s of no surprise parents are always at the losing end when it comes to food. With our children being far advanced these days, everything seems hard to get by them. Well, not really. There are many effective ways to get your children to indulge in their greens. It requires a lot of patience and various kinds of tactical approach.

Here are a few tips that might help you with feeding your young ones the greens they’re missing out on:

Limit Snack Time
By putting a limit on snack time, it ensures your child will finish what’s on his/her plate. To simply put it; hungry children eat. And when they have their first bite of vegetable, the sworn enemy of every child out there, things might change. It might be the beginning to a whole new food adventure!

Serve Them Up With Dips
Vegetables haven’t exactly had a track record of being the tastiest snack, have they? What you can do is make your desired vegetables into fries. Marinate them with a bit of spices to spruce it up, get a store bought dip (or make them yourself) and serve them up to the little ones. It is always in their nature to try new things so this way will definitely be a hit with them!

Sneaking Vegetables Into Everyday Food
Ah! The aged old cure for everything. We’ll let you in on a little secret, we still do it with our children and it works! All you have to do is keep it a secret till they’re older. However, this way might not be extremely effective as it might be of a problem when eating out.

Be A Good Role Model
We know children thrive in copying others. So, allow them to see you eating and loving the vegetables on your plate. Or offer them to other children around and see how yours flock towards wanting to have the same thing their friends are having.
A common remark that often goes around from children is, “if mummy/daddy don’t eat it, why should i?”-this could be avoided if you set a right example right away! Always remember, your little munchkins see all and absorb it. Nothing gets past their innocent eyes. It’s time to expand your palate and allow yourself to enjoy the goodness the greens have to offer.

There you have it, a few tips on helping your kiddos ditch the sugar and climb onboard the Green-Train. Choo-choo your way through their curious nature and introduce them to the world of vegetables. For it will not only benefit them but allow you to free up on your cooking menu!

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