Myth Busted: Hello, Aquababies!

September 21st, 2018

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This has always been a concern of every new mummy. When is the right time to bring a baby swimming? Is it safe for a baby to start swimming classes? Well, look no further! The myth has been busted. Starting as early as 6 months, babies are well equipped to swim. All thanks to their innate ability to do so whilst temporary living it up in your belly for 9 months. Keep a lookout for parent-baby classes and enrol yourselves now. It’s not only a great way to bond with your baby but an alternative to slot in a mini workout session for yourself, too!

Why join a class?

Why should I put my baby through swimming classes, you ask? Well, with the many benefits that comes along with swimming, it is recommended to start as early as possible to improve coordination, and balance, builds muscles and many more. With an abundance of positive feedbacks from mummies all over regarding signing up for a baby swim class, you know it is not only a credible activity but a helpful one as well.


Family time!
Not only does it require you to pair up with your baby and drop by a class, you can get your spouse in on this together with the other kids and make this a family get together.

Channel your baby’s inner ballerina
As mentioned above, swimming improves coordination and balance in babies. This is due to your baby’s body being supported by water. Moreover, studies have shown, babies who swim have a much better balance outside of the pool.

Muscle strengthening
As with adults, swimming helps to strengthen the muscles of babies making them stronger. Along with that, swimming helps with lung and heart development, too.

Improves sleep
The extra exercise in the pool will make your baby sleepier than normal. Thought a quiet night wasn’t possible with the arrival of your latest addition? Well, think again!

Improves appetite
Similar to adults, any time spent exercising in a pool will definitely make you hungry. Remember to pack a snack or more milk for when the session ends. A cranky baby makes for cranky mummies and daddies. We definitely don’t want that!

Water confidence
Being in the water at a young age builds water confidence. Many parents have been known to pass down their uneasiness to children if they themselves aren’t confident. Children pick up on these fears and make it their own. If a mummy or daddy isn’t a confident swimmer, joining a class can boost their confidence too. Going in the water with your baby will definitely give your baby the assurance they need.

Mental development
Studies have shown that babies who’ve a head start in swimming at an early age are up to 15 months ahead of their peers in math, counting and language as soon as they start school. Talk about raising a baby genius!

Boost in self esteem
With the growth of learning new things, showering your baby with praises as he/she picks up new swimming techniques will not only build your baby’s confidence but boost their self esteem too. A happy baby is all we want here!

What are you waiting for? Head out and go over to your nearest swimming complex to sign up for a class now!!


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