First Dental Check-up: Preparing For Success

November 8th, 2017


Keeping your pearly whites in tip top condition begins from an early age. After all, most dentists recommend planning for your child’s first dental visit when he or she is a year old or when milk teeth have fully emerged (by three years of age). Let’s face it: nobody enjoys a trip to the dentist’s. Your child’s first dental visit can be both challenging and nerve wracking for both you and your little one. But caring for the rows of little chompers is important, so it helps to prepare your kid to experience this uncharted territory and make it a success.

On your part, prior to preparing your child for his appointment, make sure that you pick the right dentist for this momentous occasion. Select a paediatric dentist that is used to working with children, with a dental clinic that is child-friendly and comfortable (think toys and cheerful pictures). Once you have found the right guy to do the job, it is time to consider these tips to help you and your child ace the dental check-up.

Don’t Miss The Prep Step

While you are already fully aware of what happens at the dental clinic (and all its horrors), your child is brimming with uncertainty. Help to ease their initial fears and make them feel assured by explaining to them what a dentist does in a lively and easy-to-absorb manner. Role playing with your child as the patient and you the dentist is a great way to start, as it simplifies the dental procedure and makes them relax. Alternatively, let them watch clips of their favourite cartoon characters like Dora the Explorer or Peppa Pig visit the dentist. This enables them to associate the dental visit with something light-hearted and familiar.

Early’s The Way

A well-rested kid is always going to react better and be less cranky for a dental check-up. Choose the right time of day and book an early appointment, around morning or early afternoon, so that your little one is as fresh as possible. Set your child in a good mood with plenty of rest beforehand and a full stomach. Also, you’ll probably want to get this over and done with yourself too.

Nothing But The Tooth

Preparing for an orthodontic evaluation does not start on the day itself – it should begin the moment you introduce oral care. Being a great role model by always brushing and flossing your teeth properly and enthusiastically in front of your child can convince him that the dental care isn’t a chore. It will also encourage him to take pride of keeping his ivories sparkling clean and be more excited about showing them off to the dentist.

Talk It Out

Upon arrival at the dental clinic, stay upbeat and talk passionately about how it is going to be a positive experience. A big no-no is to mention anything about pain or discomfort. Choose to focus your pre-session prep talk on the big, bright smiles and healthy pink gums that come after. Tell them things like “Let’s show the dentist how sparkly your teeth are”, or even make up a dental song.

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