4 Playtime Tricks To Make Your Baby Smarter

October 30th, 2017


The first few years of a child’s life are also the formative years, as experts believe that they are the prime period for learning. Parents are all for raising smarter kidsand often pore over foods and programmes that may facilitate this. The secret, however, is that making a child smarter may actually begin with something seemingly insignificant and closer to home – playtime. Beyond learning techniques and new ways to get your little kiddo stimulated, it is really all about the little things you can do that help Baby kickstart his learning journey. We recommend these fun and science-backed pointers that will inspire both you and your child.

For Your Eyes Only

Establishing eye contact is one of the first few moments of bonding between parent and child. Take advantage of your newborn’s open eyes early on by looking him in the eyes. Infants recognise faces from a young age, and seeing your face all the time can help create a memory bank from facial mapping. Soon, your smart tot will remember the faces of more people you can imagine. Another activity to stimulate your baby’s vision is to have him stare at himself in front of the mirror. Watch him slowly realise that the “other baby” with the wriggly arms could actually be him.

Chat Her Up

Newborn language is a series of babbles and gurgles. But you can get them started with speech patterns by simply leaving short pauses when you “speak” with your baby, as you would in a normal, two-way dialogue. This allows your baby to eventually catch on with the rhythm of conversation and fill in the blanks. Be vocal about everything. Announce it when you’re about to turn off the light, for example; this helps to form cause in effect in your little one as he notes the sequence of speech and action.

All-Day Bonding

A little proactivity goes a long way when it comes to bonding with your newborn. The first and most important tip is to breastfeed for as long as you can. Beyond the nutritious quality of breast milk and how research says it allows you to raise smarter, sharper kids, nursing provides plenty of opportunity for you to get acquainted with your little one (and vice versa) by humming a tune, bodily contact, and having a heart to heart chat. Diaper time is also lesson time, where you teach Baby the names of different body parts and clothing. Designate certain days as sit-around days, where you sit on the floor and do absolutely nothing but wind down as your little critter explores at his own pace.

Get Physical

Babies make sense of the world around them through touch. This is why a smart baby is one who catches on with her motor skills early on. Be a human playground by lying on the floor and letting your baby climb and crawl all over you. The tangle of arms and legs becomes the best (and cheapest) jungle gym, boosting her coordination, problem-solving, and motor skills. When you get tired, place soft pillows, cushions, and toys on the floor and teach your baby how to maneuver around them. Besides physical activities, a change in the physical environment is also helpful to raising a smart kid. Give the space a shake up and change the scenery once in a while by switching your child’s high chair to another side of the table. This will break the routine and challenge his memory and orientation.

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