Top Pregnancy Apps To Download

October 26th, 2017


What we have but mothers before us don’t during their time is the help of technology when it comes to being preggo. This is a time when you become a ball of emotions – worry, fear, and a whole lot of excitement – and having a nifty app or two can help keep all you need to know about your growing bun in the oven at your fingertips, allowing you to fully focus on resting and preparing for the big push. We sussed through the myriad of pregnancy apps to bring you these must-have apps to keep you covered. Congratulations!

Best for weekly size comparisons: The Bump

Is my baby the size of a peapod or a grapefruit now? This award-winning app is the originator behind the idea of comparing the stages of your pregnancy with illustrations of cute fruit, along with updates on the changes you are experiencing and ways to prepare for them. The app also has other handy features, like the ability to ask real-time questions to The Bump’s editorial staff or team of experts. Now that should soothe some of those prenatal worries.

Free. Available for iOS and Android.

Best for keeping that healthy pregnancy glow: Glow Nurture

As far as pregnancy trackers go, none are as comprehensive as Glow Nurture, a simple yet fully customisable app that understands your needs and nurtures both you and your pregnancy. Integrated with Jawbone, MyFitnessPal, and Apple’s Health App, Glow Nurture’s trimester-specific pregnancy tracker logs changes daily as your pregnancy progresses and tells you what to expect of the next stage. It also provides feedback on you and your baby’s health, prompting you with alerts and enabling you to access insights based on the date you enter.

Free. Available for iOS and Android.

Best for listening to your baby’s heartbeat: My Baby’s Beat

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time used to only belong to the hospital. With this app, you don’t have to wait for your next doctor’s appointment to eavesdrop on your little one. The app requires only your iPhone’s microphone, and works by simply pressing it gently against your lower abdomen as you lay on your back. If you are not sure of what to listen out for, My Baby’s Beat comes with sound samples, and even allows you to record and share your own prenatal samples with friends and family. For best results, use after week 30.

$5. Available only for iOS.

Best for comparing notes: BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

Pregnancy mommies don’t have to carry their happy burdens alone. The BabyBump Pregnancy Pro encourages you to commiserate with fellow mums-to-be around the world and share your pains and joy through the in-app global pregnancy forums and social networks. A community of support where stories are shared and resources pooled together is essential to a well-managed pregnant mum, and this app is the best for that.

Free. Available for iOS and Android.

Best for keeping memories and 3D interaction: Sprout Pregnancy

There are many pregnancy tracking apps out there, but Sprout Pregnancy goes the extra mile by featuring 3D interaction on top of daily and weekly updates, allowing you to have the best idea of how things are going in there. Amazing detail and realistic interactive movements serves to make you even more excited about the impending birth. Integrated tabs also enable you to capture belly photos and pair them with your ultrasound pictures to curate a prenatal photo album.

Free. Available for iOS and Android.

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