They say fish is good for your brain, but really, books are the real brain food. My mum was never too eager to buy me toys, but when it came to books, I never even had to ask. She knew the importance of reading, even if it was just for fun. Reading exposes children to a world beyond their own, expanding their horizons as well as their vocabulary. It can help rev-up their imagination and unleash their creativity. Most importantly, reading good books make them better writers too. Here are five books that will develop a life-long love of reading in your children.


A Wrinkle in Time
One dark and stormy evening Meg Murry is visited by Mrs. Whatsit, who sets her on the path to find her father, who is being held prisoner on another planet. Will Meg and her companions manage to outwit the forces of evil to rescue him? This Madeleine L’Engle classic has inspired generations of sci-fi lovers and is a wonderful book for any kid who’s ever felt different with its celebration of individuality and non-conformity.

Suitable for ages nine and above


Little Matilda Wormwood is an exceptional little girl, but no one – definitely not her parents nor her horrible headmistress seem to notice. There’s only the kind and lovely Miss Honey, who sees Matilda for the extraordinary genius that she is. But it’s not enough to stop Matilda from teaching the other nasty adults a lesson! This Roald Dahl classic is really a revenge-fantasy disguised as a children’s book, which is probably why it’s so beloved by kids! The lesson to learn here is really for the grown-ups: don’t underestimate young children, they might be telekinetic geniuses!

Suitable for ages six and above


Wolf Brother
Children who enjoy reading about reluctant Harry Potter type heroes will love brave Torak and his wolf-cub sidekick. In this pre-agricultural world, people live in clans working together to survive, but young Torak has always lived a nomadic life away from the clansmen with his beloved Fa. When an unspeakable evil rips Fa away from him, he and Wolf must journey to the Mountain of the World Spirit to save the whole forest. Wolf Brother presents a new and exciting world for children to imagine and will leave them with a whole new appreciation for mother nature.

Suitable for ages nine and above


The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy
If your little digital natives can’t spend a minute without their devices, this award-winning book might inspire them to take up a real-world adventure instead. The Penderwick sisters are busy discovering the sprawling Arundel estate’s sprawling gardens, but when they discover the miserable future that lies ahead for their new friend Jeffrey, they set out to rescue him, or this will be their last happy summer together!

Suitable for ages nine and above


Half Magic
In this timeless classic, follow four children as find a magic coin they think is the answer to all their wishes, but instead, its only grants them in halves! Now the children must craftily wish for twice as much to ensure they stay out of trouble! This fantasy classic teaches kids the importance of cooperation, compromise, and reconciling your wants with the needs of those around you.

Suitable for ages seven and above

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