5 Ways Mums Can Boost Energy Without Caffeine

October 10th, 2017

mums with energy

Whether you have a restless baby or a tireless toddler, all busy mums know it’s hard to keep the energy levels up by mid-day. When more sleep isn’t possible (like, always), most mamas reach for a cuppa joe just so they can stay awake at the wheel. While we often credit coffee as an energy boost, it actually releases stress hormones that increase your heart rate and blood pressure. It really isn’t energy we’re feeling, but tension and adrenaline. Too many cups of java affect your health as well. For one, it prevents your body from absorbing precious minerals even if you are diligent about including mineral-rich foods or supplements in your diet. The next time you plan on perking yourself up with a latte, consider these simple alternatives that will boost your energy levels without caffeine!

Rub your ears

Chinese medicine believes that our body’s energy passes through our ears. By rubbing the outer rim of your ears between your thumb and forefinger for 10 to 30 seconds, the pressure stimulates all of your body’s energy centres to get it flowing.

Eat your protein
Having a protein-packed snack can prevent the “sugar crash” we’re all familiar with. Studies have shown that having a protein-balanced meal results in a smaller increase in blood sugar, helping you avoid the dreaded crash.

Try aromatherapy
According to a British study, rosemary was found to enhanced levels of an organic compound linked to cognitive performance. So the next time you feel your energy dropping, take a whiff of rosemary!

Put pressure on your “kiss point”
Located between your upper lip and your nose, this acupoint is known as GV-26. Applying pressure on it for about a minute can apparently boost alertness and energy wherever you are!

Trade in carbs for wholegrains
Wholegrains are absorbed more gradually than carbs (like processed white flour), so this provides you with a steady energy supply throughout the day and helps you avoid that same “sugar crash”.

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