4 Activities For A More Meaningful Children’s Day

October 3rd, 2017

Children Children's Day

Heads up, kiddos! It’s the time of the year where Semoga Bahagia is played and sung, and kids are celebrated for who they are – kids. Children’s Day falls on 6 October this year, with the occasion observed on the first Friday of every October. This means that the little ones get to enjoy a long weekend dedicated exclusively to them. Children are the future of our country, and it is important to allow them to blossom as young children in the midst of preparing them for success in the future. This means plenty of playtime and family time. If you’re out of ideas on how to herald in the celebrations, we have some ideas for a meaningful Children’s Day weekend.

Light Up The Night

Bask the little ones in light and culture with the annual street light-up along Eu Tong Sen Street as part of this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival. There’s no better place to experience a significant Chinese festival than Chinatown. With a lantern in hand and stories passed down for generations, the sights and sounds of streets illuminated by a thousand glowing lanterns will make it a magical time for your children.

Art With A Heart

 With four days of arty fun and play, Esplanade’s Octoburst! Children’s Festival is back this year, with a key message to the young ones to connect with Mother Nature and care for the environment. Both you and your child are in for a series of exciting programmes, from parent-child workshops for bento making and paper puppets, to drawing competitions and theatrical treats like Cloud Man and When All Was Green. Children can also enjoy Boats from Melbourne, where children can set sail on colourful vessels in an adventurous play space.

 Find out more at Octoburst!

Volunteer At An Orphanage

With the usual plans for Children’s Day revolving around visiting the zoo or theme park, it is no wonder that some may find the occasion becoming too commercialised over the years, where children may develop a sense of self-entitlement and prince/princess mentalities. A good way to eradicate these worries and make Children’s Day extra meaningful is to let your kids help the less fortunate children. Visiting an orphanage or children’s home allows them to see for themselves other kids like them that are not so lucky. Donating items to them or simply spending an afternoon playing and caring for them can build empathy on this special day.

Picnic In The Park

There are only so many more years your children can celebrate Children’s Day (even if they’ll always stay as children in your eyes), so cherish these moments by coming together as a family. The Families for Life Children’s Day picnic allows you to bring the entire family down for a day of memorable activities and games at East Coast Park. Take part in a scavenger hunt together, dance in a bubbles session, or simply wind down with a picnic and movie screening.

Register at Families for Life.

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