Benefits of Letting Your Child Grow Up with a Pet

September 21st, 2017


No matter which type of pet you decide to have in the house, there’s no doubt they’ll bring their owners (both young and old) plenty of joy. However, the advantages of pet ownership go well beyond the fact that they’re cute, cuddly and lots of fun.

Encourages learning and development

Having a pet helps kids improve their motor skills and also increases overall activity. A little bit of exercise every day can be seriously beneficial to children. And, as pets are like the non-judgemental friend you never had, your child won’t be afraid to learn through making mistakes as your pet will be providing support without judgment.

Cultivates responsibility

Children can gain confidence by being in charge of taking care of a pet. Kids as young as three years old would be able to manage simple tasks such as filling the pet’s water and food bowls. As your child gets older, he can groom and walk the pet. These activities would cultivate a routine and lead to your child being more aware of tasks which they are liable for, in turn making them more responsible and independent.

Improves social skills

Pets give not only social and emotional support but also cognitive language skill support to children. A pet’s mere presence provides verbal stimulus to help your child practice conversing and socialising with another being. Pets have also shown to be beneficial for children with special needs as they tend to interact more verbally, and for longer periods, when they are playing with pets, than with inanimate objects.

A final note

Despite their multiple benefits, you might want to consider a few things:

  • Space constraints: If you live in a small apartment without access to open spaces that are close to your home, choose a pet that doesn’t need a lot of exercise.
  • Cleaning and feeding: All pets need clean environments, which have to be maintained diligently and regularly. Pets also need food and water every day, so take the cost of all their needs (including health) into consideration before getting a pet.
  • Commitment, attention, and loving care: Day-to-day commitment is needed and this responsibility may last many years. Will your child (and other family members) have the time to play with and train a pet?

The pet you choose needs to meet the needs and energy level of both your child, as well as the schedule and resources of your family.

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