5 Ways Busy Mamas Can Find Peaceful Moments

August 2nd, 2017

find peaceful moments

Being on your toes is part of the job description, but even mothers deserve a break from the flurry of household chores and whiny children. For mums, moments of peace and calm are few and far between, which is why it’s important to seek out your zen. Here are a few simple ways to find peaceful moments in the never-ending whirlwind that is motherhood.

  1. Inhale a pleasant scent

We tend to neglect our sense of smell, but scents can influence our moods strongly. Be it lavender, peppermint or grapefruit, everyone is partial to a certain scent that relaxes them or perks them up. Find your favourite and keep them handy in your purse or diffuse them throughout your house with a reed diffuser, a candle or an oil burner. For starters, check out the Twinkle Mum Stress Relief Roll-on.

  1. Get in touch with nature

We can attribute our hectic and harried lifestyles to living in a concrete jungle. While high-rise buildings seem to cast their shadows wherever we go, there are still pockets of nature like the Botanic Gardens, MacRitchie Reservoir or Coney Island where you can be still and remind yourself that you are part of something bigger than being a mama.

  1. Have special ‘Mum-only’ things

You always want the best for your babies, now it’s your turn. Treat yourself by having little luxuries around the house that are just for you, like soft spa-like towels, silk pyjamas, or a premium box of chocolates or ice cream.

  1. Practice a little mindfulness

Mindfulness is a simple concept that requires you to be fully aware of where you are and what you’re doing without being over-reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around. Simply, it just means switching off and ignoring the thoughts and worries zooming around in your brain. Simply find a time to be alone and away from everyone – including the kids. Try lying in bed and let your senses take over; feel the softness of your sheets, breathe in the lingering scent of laundry detergent, and listen to your own deep and steady breathing.

  1. Have a relaxing spa day

Break out your favourite masks, body lotions, and nail polishes. Sometimes all you need is to feel a little sparkly again. Don’t stop there, ditch the kids with dad for a day and book yourself a rejuvenating facial and massage. With a trained expert kneading away your cares and concerns, you’re sure to find your calm and happy place.


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