Art Essentials For Every Child

July 17th, 2017


Creativity is a child’s way of sharing their soul and boundless mind with the world, and not only should we as parents do whatever is necessary not to stifle it, we should provide them with the tools to encourage them to unleash their artistic potential. Kids are naturally curious, and we can tap on this trait by allowing them to explore and create using various instruments and materials. Here are some basic art essentials for your little ones to get artsy with.

1. Paint

Leonardo da Vinci once remarked that painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and if painting is poetry, then paint is words. Painting is the best way for a child to express his or her feelings and dreams, from the colours used to the images painted. Choose basic colours like black, red, yellow, and blue to encourage your child to mix them up and create vibrant new colours. You can also make your own water colours and finger paints – let their imagination be their palette when it comes to art creation.

2. Markers

To most kids (and Elmo), crayons are their artistic weapon of choice. But besides being excessively messy, they can also be toxic and dangerous if ingested. Markers (especially washable ones) provide the room for them to go wild without leaving behind crumbly, oily stains. They also make a versatile art essential for various surfaces and give your young artists better control over their art.

3. A Blank Canvas

Given the opportunity, kids would draw or paint on anything and everything (even your pristine white walls). Let their creative juices spill over onto drawing block sheets or a big roll of “mahjong” paper. If you have the time, build them a cardboard house and watch them work their graffiti magic.

4. Scissors and Adhesives

People think of drawing and painting when it comes to expressing creativity, but craftwork is also an excellent way to nurture a creative mind. Safety scissors are great for training agile little hands, but do start them out with a pair specially made for toddlers to help them grasp the mechanics. Washi tape is also a handy art essential, since it comes in many designs and is easy to adhere and remove.

5. Smocks and Plastic Sheets

With your weekend mornings about to get messier, you cannot do without some protective measures. Make clean-ups easier by protecting your floors and tables with plastic tablecloths or trash bags. Keep your little ones clean by getting them artists smocks or even using a re-purposed adult t-shirt. By keeping things tidy without hindering your child’s artistic license, a simple plastic sheet may turn out to be one of parents’ best art essentials.


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