Top Two-Hour Rendezvous For Tired Mamas

May 17th, 2017

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Motherhood is not all crayon hearts and butterflies. The double shift of ruling the workplace and running the home can test even the most organised mom. Easing up on the peddle a little once in a while not only allows you to catch a breather, it recharges you for the long road ahead. The good news is, you don’t need a full staycay or a day-long event to get your juice back. Before you overwork yourself and crash, we recommend the following activities you can enjoy in two hours or less before going back to the grind.
1. Ease The Tension With A Spa Sesh

Feel the tiredness drain from head to toe at AWAY Spa, with its rainforest-inspired décor and luxurious spa treatments. The award-winning spa features sleek mosaic pools bathed in a soothing blue glow that instantly makes you feel relaxed. Take a full body timeout with the Away Body Treat ($380/two hours), which showcases ILA-Spa’s organic and natural products. The two-part indulgence begins with an exfoliating scrub and mud wrap, before moving on to an invigorating massage on a floating bed to the calming lull of ILA’s special soundtrack.

2. Enjoy Good Chow Over Conversations

The growing trend of social dining has caught on at the hip Keong Saik with new kid on the block Don Ho. Grab a bunch of girlfriends and snap up one of the hottest tables in town. With an industrial tropical-inspired decor and innovative menu of both small and big sharing plates, this is the place to be for a cathartic spot of gossip or catching up session after a long day in the office. Good food and hearty conversations abound, with creations by chef Shiman Woon that titillate the senses like the Wood-roasted Pumpkin & Sweet Potato ($12) and Ash Cured Ocean Trout Pastrami ($14). Try the Baklava ($10) with candied almonds and fluffy pashmak topping for a sweet finale to a good night.

Cook Up A Storm

Sign yourself up for some cooking therapy with Tott’s cooking class. Their fully-equipped hands on cooking studios are great for unleashing your inner Nigella Lawson and exploring your culinary side. Under the tutelage of guest chefs and instructors, you can polish your cooking basics while going through a step-by-step process of creating dishes alongside like-minded participants. There is nothing more satisfying than creating a dish from scratch – and tasting the fruits of your labour at the end.

Put Your Feet Up At The Theatre

They say life is a stage and we’re all actors on it. Why not swap roles and be part of the audience for a change? Shed your mommy garbs and loosen up at one of the many musicals and plays hitting our arts calendar. For a time of laughing your head off, squealing at scandals and tearing at touching moments all at once, we recommend Hand to God, a new two-hour dark comedy by the Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) about a God-fearing boy who discovers that his sock puppet has a life of its own and starring the likes of Janice Wong and Thomas Pang.

Go Easy At A Speakeasy

Nothing shouts me-time more than a perfectly crafted cocktail in hand and a relaxed atmosphere. A tipple in the right waterhole can instantly restore you from frazzled domestic goddess to feeling on top of the world in just a few sips. If you are tired of typical bars with leather sofas and pretentious old-world ambience, pick your poison at the nondescript Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall instead, a hidden gem at Boat Quay where drinks are no-frills with ingredients are homemade with heart.
Looking for more ideas for a quick getaway from the kids? Check out the Rendezvous section in Parents World magazine.

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