Why Life Is Always Better With A Sibling

May 10th, 2017

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You can’t live with them, but you can’t live without them – that’s siblings for you. From young, they fight with you over things you need (and sometimes don’t need) and either point their fingers at you or stick up for you. Whatever the extent of your love/hate relationship, blood is always thicker than water. And while you may not always see it, having a sibling or two around is always a blessing. From having an ally to join forces with against your parents, to celebrating birthdays together, we help you look beyond the hair-pulling and taunting to see why having siblings rock this Siblings Day.

You’ll always have an ally who shares your point of view

Your sibling and you may not always see eye to eye, but when it comes to commiserating about parents or engaging in a shouting match with the neighbour’s kids, you’ll always have your sibling on your side sticking up for you. Younger kids also have a tendency to mimic their elder siblings, so they are likely to become your earliest sidekicks.

Your childhood will be anything but lonely

Having a sibling allows you to grow up with a playmate. Whether you are attending events or playing Mario Kart together, your sibling provides companionship for pretty much all your activities. While single children have to turn to friends, you have a ready-made buddy to embark on adventures and exploration with.

You get to share responsibilities

With siblings, everything gets shared – even responsibilities. Household chores become something everyone helps out with, and things seem less of a chore when you have someone else suffering along with you. Having a sibling also sparks a little healthy competition, like whose room is the neatest or who does a better job at the dishes. They might even help you take out the trash if it slipped your mind, thus saving you from an earful.

Your family dinners can be less awkward

Sitting at the dining table getting grilled by family members and relatives can be an unappetising experience. But if your sibling is in it with you, the attention is diverted and you can both take turns catching a breather. If things get too awkward, you and your sibling can simply chat between the two of you in your comfortable little sibling bubble.

You can benefit from their success

Research conducted by the University of Essex revealed that the elder sibling’s achievements can help boost their younger siblings’ exam results by helping them to raise their game, which in turn can help them eclipse the first born’s success. Think Andy Murray, who turned out to be the better tennis player than brother Jamie. Dubbed the “sibling spillover effect”, this makes for a win-win scenario in the perpetual sibling rivalry.

Happy Siblings Day!

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