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Pregnancy is a beautiful time for women. However, it can also cause stress to your mind and body. Keeping yourself happy during those nine months is essential to your health and that of your baby’s. To avoid being overwhelmed, here are eight secrets to keeping yourself happy and healthy during pregnancy.

Embrace your pregnancy body
Pregnancy changes our bodies rapidly, sometimes too quickly for some mothers to accept. If you do find difficulty loving your swollen belly, remember that you are currently growing life inside of you. It’s a miracle in process and your changing body is a testament to that. It also helps to remind yourself that your current physique is only temporary.

Pamper yourself
Everyone knows that it’s of utmost importance that mummies-to-be stay happy and stress-free. Take advantage of that by using every opportunity to pamper yourself with prenatal massages, facials, or anything that makes your pregnancy a blissful one.

Eat healthy
Take care of your body by including lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet. The more you nourish your body, the healthier you and your little one will be. To help fill in the gaps of nutrients in your body, it’s a good idea to take pregnancy supplements as well. For a multitude of health benefits, try Nature’s Glory Plum Balls. These supplements contain high concentrate of calcium, iron and phosphorus which are essential to a healthy pregnancy.

Don’t waste energy worrying
To quote an English proverb: “Worrying is like sitting on a rocking chair – it gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere”. Ditch that exhausting habit and just think of all the wonderful joy your baby is going to bring you instead.

Don’t “Google diagnose”
As a follow up to the last point, avoid Googling queries about random aches and cramps. You’ll always find the worst-case scenario and end up scaring yourself. Always direct any concerns to your gynaecologist instead.

Don’t compare with other mothers
Comparing notes is helpful, but don’t worry when things aren’t just the way you thought it would be. There are so many factors that affect pregnancy that no two are the same.

You are in charge
During your pregnancy, you’ll have your fair share of armchair experts giving your advice and trying to tell you what’s what. However, you don’t need to follow any advice that doesn’t make you comfortable. Follow your maternal instincts and that of your gynae’s!

Squeeze in some exercise time
A healthy mummy is a happy mummy. Be it yoga or a swim, it is important (and safe!) for expectant mums to stay active during their pregnancies. Exercise also releases endorphins to keep you in a better mood.

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