Checklist: Is My Child An Introvert Or Extrovert?

April 5th, 2017

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In a society where people generally hide behind screens and avatars, it can be tricky to determine where your child stands on the introvert/extrovert spectrum. He or she may shun interaction with the neighbour’s kids, but become a swashbuckling pack leader among the siblings at home. Determining if your little one is more of an extrovert or introvert is important in helping you and the rest of the family communicate and connect with your child in the best and most appropriate manner, thus minimising the risk of misunderstandings. We provide a handy checklist of true/false statements to gauge if your kid is a party animal, shrinking violet, or somewhere in between.

  • My child enjoys engaging in activities alone in his own private spot, and seems to get more energised rather than lonely from doing so.
  • Conversely, my child shows sign of irritation and tiredness when forced into a social setting with many people for a prolonged period.
  • My child prefers to hold back and observe before participating in games and group activities.
  • My child usually listens more than he talks, unless a topic of personal interest is brought up.
  • My child is very in touch with his own thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.
  • The energy level and responsiveness of my child can fluctuate greatly.
  • My child has a tendency to zone out when thing get too overwhelming.
  • My child has a penchant for creative expression and quiet imagination.
  • My child steps away from the limelight and is reluctant to receive too much attention.
  • My child is commonly described by teachers and peers as reserved, quiet, or withdrawn.
  • My child is a good listener, but his glance and eye contact may shift from time to time.
  • The notion of personal space is important to my child.
  • My child always asks to leave for home, even if he enjoys the party or gathering.
  • My child is highly observant and can spot the finest details.

If there are more Trues than Falses, your child is likely to be an introvert. Let him know that you understand his needs by giving him his space and quiet time, while helping him conserve his energy and use it wisely.

More False than True responses will mean your child has an extroverted predisposition. He will continually seek out people and activities to energise himself. Teach him to manage his energy levels and enjoy the peace and quiet once in a while.

If the answers are pretty evenly mixed, your child falls in the middle of the spectrum. Being both introverted and extroverted can be something difficult to manage for your little ones as they are torn between wanting to hang out and wanting to be alone. Observe their day-to-day interactions and plan a schedule for them according to their needs.


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