9 Fertility Superfoods To Help You Conceive

April 4th, 2017

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A healthy diet is important for everyone, but when you are trying to conceive, what you consume becomes infinitely more crucial. As a general rule of thumb, women who are trying to conceive should cut back on alcohol and maintain a balanced diet to ensure they are getting the healthy amount of vitamins and nutrients. In the same vein, they should also avoid excessive intake of sugar, salt and unsaturated fats in their diets. To improve your chances of having a baby, there are certain kinds of food you need to include in your diet stat. Here are eight superfoods that can help you increase your chances of conception!

1. Bananas Bananas are high in vitamin B6, one of the most important vitamins needed to aid conception. A deficiency in B6 affects your hormones and can lead to poor egg development.

2. Asparagus Don’t forget to load up on the asparagus, as it contains the all-important folic acid! It’s recommended that 0.5mg of folic acid be taken daily for at least three months before and into pregnancy. This will help lower the risk of neural tube defects in babies.

3. Wild Salmon Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, regular consumption of salmon helps increase blood flow to the reproductive organs and regulates reproductive hormones.

4. Figs Figs have been known to boost fertility since the times of ancient Greece, and it would seem like they were onto something. Figs contain a heathy amount of iron which is essential for healthy ovulation.

5. Berries Full of antioxidants, berries of any kind are excellent at protecting eggs from damage and decrease the risk of a miscarriage.

6. Leafy Greens Dark leafy green vegetables such as spinach, arugula, and broccoli are high in folate, a B vitamin which improves ovulation. It also reduces risk of miscarriage and genetic problems.

7. Oysters They may be famed for being an aphrodisiac, but oysters are also a good source of zinc. An extremely important nutrient, zinc helps regulate hormonal imbalance which leads to healthy egg development.

8. Legumes Not only are they high in iron, beans are a source of good plant-based protein, which according to one study was better than animal protein and decreased chances of infertility.

9. Whole Wheat Bread High insulin levels can disrupt reproductive hormones. As a complex carb, whole wheat bread takes longer than white bread to digest, keeping your blood sugar level stable.

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