Best Pregnancy Products/Services 2017

January 23rd, 2017

Alvernia Parentcraft Centre


What It Offers: Alvernia Parentcraft Centre provides a hands-on childbirth education course for expectant parents. The course consists of six weekly lessons, which give insights on recognising physical and physiological changes during pregnancy, nutritional needs and what to expect during delivery. It also teaches how to care and bathe your newborn.

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What It Offers: AXA Family Advantage offers eight different plans in a combination of health protection and savings plans, giving parents the opportunity to begin saving for their baby from birth. Mumcare Plus is designed to ease exorbitant treatment costs. The plan covers both parent and child during pregnancy, including after childbirth.

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DermaVeen Skincare Range


What It Offers: The key ingredient that makes their products stand out from other similar offerings is Colloidal Oatmeal, a natural active ingredient known for its highly soothing and moisturising properties. It is scientifically proven to protect the skin barrier, relieving itch, irritation, and inflammation.

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Jump Eat Cry

Jump Eat Cry

What It Offers: Jump Eat Cry’s line of maternity and nursing clothes are designed to look great with or without the bump, enabling mums to continue wearing them post-pregnancy. From sophisticated office dresses to party maxi dresses, they come in vibrant and trendy styles that do not compromise on comfort and functionality.

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Nature’s Glory Plum Balls

Nature's Glory

What It Offers: Nature’s Glory Plum Balls are a unique supplement that is highly recommended for pregnant women. Plums are known for boosting the body’s immune system, which will help safeguard expectant mothers from common illnesses, even pregnancy side effects like morning sickness.

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Petty Flen Miracle Pea Peptone Mom’s Cream

Petty Flen

What It Offers: Petty Flen’s Petty Flen Miracle Pea Peptone Mom’s Cream is made of five strong skin elasticity groups ingredients, including their patented Eternal P, to help improve both the dull skin color change and the sudden skin sagging that occurs during pregnancy.

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Rich Food Confinement

Rich Food

What It Offers: At RichFood Catering Confinement Meals, the delectable and healthy confinement meals are prepared and packed in disposable containers by a crew of professional chefs in a well-equipped central kitchen. The dishes are aimed at providing the same homey feeling, with an effort made to ensure great taste and nutrition.

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SUPERWOMAN Prêt-à-Pregger Range


What It Offers: SUPERWOMAN’s all new Prêt-à-Pregger range provides stylish mummies with the maternity essentials they need for each stage of their pregnancy. Their Luxe-ComfyTM fabric used is knitted to allow freedom of movement, while targeting the problematic areas of tummy – in other words, the most holistic post- natal shapewear.

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The Natal Kitchen

The Natal Kitchen

What It Offers: The Natal Kitchen is committed to providing mothers with the nourishment by preparing nutritious yet tasty meals for their physical recovery. With a selection of authentic, well-balanced recipes, The Natal Kitchen serves delectable dishes during a mum’s confinement period, including favourites such as pig trotter vinegar and rice wine chicken.

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Tollyjoy Day & Night Disposable Nursing Pads


What It Offers: New mothers can be prepared always with Tollyjoy’s Day & Night Disposable Nursing Pads. The Day & Night pads are made with a high absorbency polymer gel that ensure maximum dryness, while 3D side leakguards offer added protection.

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Twinkle Stress Relief Roll-on


What It Offers: Packed with five powerful oils, Twinkle Stress Relief Roll-On helps to promote a sense of peace and refreshment by alleviating tired nerves caused by stress and relaxing the mind. The formula is also handy against common ailments like headache, travel sickness, rashes and insect bites.

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