The Twin Factor

January 10th, 2016

Here are ways to prepare for the arrival of twin joys.

1. Stock Up On Supplies

In a household with babies, you can’t have enough of diapers, wipes, sheets, blankets and towels. Look out for baby fairs and sales where you can buy bundle packs of these essentials especially diapers and baby wipes.

2. Get Enough Nutritional Needs

Besides folic acid, make sure your diet provides you with good sources of iron, calcium, iodine and proteins that supports your babies’ growth adequately. You may need to consult your doctor on the kinds of supplements recommended for you.

3. Research On Possible Complications

Get briefed on possible complications of birth so you’d know what to expect if and the possible options to take when it happens. That doesn’t mean you have to stress out though some mums report smooth delivery of healthy twins. Read about the health risks of pregnancy: at

4. Prepare Your Hospital Kit

Early More often than not, the babies may come earlier than planned. Less than half of twin pregnancies last beyond 37 weeks. So do think about packing your emergency bag for the hospital at 27 weeks onwards so you’d be prepared.

5. Diversify Shopping

When shopping for twin babies, you don’t have to buy two of everything. Rather, things like cribs, toys, changing table and onesies can be shared. Others need fittings for two babies like tandem strollers.

6. Enlist Your Brigade

When the kids come, it will get very busy very fast so you will need extra pairs of hands at the ready. Enlist your husband or get help from your mother or mother-in-law. It is also wise to sync your twin’s schedule so you don’t tire yourself out by doing something multiple times.

7. Invest In A Quality Breast Pump

Even if you intend to breastfeed, you might want to invest in a quality breast pump to express so that other people can help with the feedings too. In the first few weeks, newborns are hungry every half hour so that takes a toll on breastfeeding mums. Seek advice early from your lactation nurse about how best to cope with the feedings.

8. Buy Maternity Clothes Early

Your bump will get pretty large fairly early on. So do invest in great stretchable maternity clothes and a great maternity belt so that your belly will be supported well.

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